12 day Markets 1. 3% higher in after casino stocks strategy

*18:00JST on the 12th Markets 1. 3% higher in after casino stocks strategy
12 day of Hong Kong market gainers. The major 50 stocks consisting of the Hang Seng Index yesterday compared with 348. 71 points[1.31%] high of 26994. 14 points, mainland companies shares that consists of mainland China share index [formerly the H-share index]is 112. 23 points[1.07%]high 10614. 76 points and the South Stream gas pipeline project. The sales price is 908 million 5700 million Hong Kong dollars to expanding [11 days 743 billion 3800 Hong Kong dollars].

Inflows of anticipation is sustained flow. China・Hong Kong Cross Trading Scheme through the purchase and sale of Hong Kong shares daily at the net buying has become. US dollar Hong Kong dollar rate this year 7 month since the Hong Kong dollar at a high level, rising to the allowable fluctuation range[7.75~7.85 Hong Kong dollars]midpoint of exceeded. Funds of Hong Kong regression is conscious. The United States of low interest rate policy continuing is also a plus. The Federal Open Market Committee [FOMC]last night,”the current monetary policy is appropriate”and pointed. The market between the parties is,”U.S. Federal Reserve [FED]rate hike not to hurry”with the view of spreading.

The Hang Seng Index constituent stocks for almost a decade[out of 50 48 rise]. Macau casino Galaxy Entertainment Group [Galaxy Entertainment: 27/HK] 4. 5% higher,drug manufacturers of stone drug group [1093/HK] 2. 9% higher,China’s Internet service one of the largest Tengchong ask HD[Tencent Holdings:700/HK] 2. 7%high and the appreciation rate, the top lined up.

By industry, the Casino Association is high. The above was the Galaxy Entertainment Group, as 永利 Macau[Wynn Macau: 1128/HK] 4. 7%,美高 梅中 country HD[MGM China Holdings:2282/HK] 4. 1%, Macau Expo color HD[SJM Holdings:880/HK] 3. 3%, Jinsha China [Sands China:1928/HK] 2. Every 5% rise. Chinese President XI Jinping next week,Macau return 20th anniversary celebration attended the economic growth of support expressed the desire that the observed flows. Casino stocks after the from the middle had grown.

Natural gas-related sectors much better. The leading brokers of the bullish industry reports clues from the port Hua burn care [town gas・China:1083/HK] 5. 8% higher,China’s burning my HD [China Gas:384/HK] 3. 8% higher,huarun burn my HD[huarun gas:1193/HK] 3. 1% High,新奥 function source [ENN Energy:2688/HK] 3. 0%high value raised.

Smart phone parts, such as high-tech related sectors also ransacked it. Hill type of technology [Q technology: 1478/HK] 13. 0%,高偉 electronic[1415/HK] 3. 2%, Jui voice of technology HD[2018/HK] 1. 5% increase in receive. 11 on smartphone shipment growth recovered and continued good feeling being. Hill type of technology is concerned, for the full year, an increase of prospects announced the stimulus material. Camera module sales expanded steadily as.

On the other hand, the mainland market is a 6 day in a row. Key indicators of the Shanghai Composite Index on the previous day compared with 0. 30%cheap of 2915. 70 points in the loss. Consumption-related stocks are cheap. Real estate stocks, cement stocks, financial stocks, transport stocks, such as also sold. On the other hand, tech stocks are high. Public utility stocks, pharmaceutical stocks, automobile stocks such as the corner has been bought.

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