12 days of JGB market overview:bond futures 152 yen 38 sen at the end

*18:53JST 12 days of JGB market overview:bond futures 152 yen 38 sen at the end

JGB futures in 2019, 12 months limited
Donations 152 yen 27 sen high 152 yen 43 sen lows 152 yen 19 sen over 152 yen 38 sen
Trading volume total 11040 pieces

2 years 407 times -0.135%
5 years 141 times -0.125%
10 years 356 times -0.020%
20 years 170 times 0.295%

Bond futures 12 month limit,152 yen 27 sen start trading. Futures contracts-change (12 February, the last trading day is the 13th) from more sellers ahead of,I 152 yen 19 sen is lowered. Then, the US FED’s next action is still interest rate cuts and the perspective from the US long-term interest rates will decline as buying is dominant, and 152 yen 43 sen rose. Physical bonds of trading in all maturities is bought.

2-year bond is 1. 62%, the 10-year bond is 1. 81%, 30-year bond is 2. 24%to the lowest level.
Bond yields rise. (The property value)

< Other foreign bond market・the 10-year bond>
German government bonds-0.33% UK bonds is 0. 76%,Australian 10-year bond is 1. 13%,NZ10-year bond is 1. 49%. (The property value)

(Today’s major political・economic events)
-19:00 Eurozone・10 March industrial production (M / M forecast:-0.5%, 9 month:+0.1%)
-21:45 the European Central Bank(ECB)interest rate announcement(0.00%in deferment expected)
-22:30 Lagarde ECB President at the press conference
-22:30 Rice・11 producer price index(previous month forecast:+0.2%, 10 March:+0.4%)
-22:30 Rice・last week minutes, jobless claims (forecast: 21.4 million,previous:20.3 million)
-03:00 U.S. Treasury 30-year bond auction
・British General election Friday
・EU summit(13 days) 《KK》

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