12 month 6 days of the NY foreign exchange summary

*05:48JST 12 November 6 of the NY foreign exchange summary

Day 6 of the New York Forex market in dollar・yen, 108 yen 53 sen from 108 yen 92 sen has risen by over for.

Rice 11 January employment report is expected to surpass the United States economy and confidence recover,add in our opinion the preliminary forecasts are negative for the U.S. dollar to buy dollars to have accelerated. However, the US-China trade talks a sense of uncertainty about the future of the and 12 month Michigan large consumer confidence index in the preliminary estimate of the expected inflation rate of falling out and trouble.

The Euro・dollar,1. 1098 from $ 1. 1040 the dollar decline will continue for.

The Euro・yen is 120 yen 68 yen per share 120 yen 01 Sen fell.

Pound・dollar,1. 3147 from $ 1. 3101 dollar fell.

Dollar・Swiss is 0. 9880 francs from 0. 9918 French rose.

[Economic indicators]

・Rice・11 August unemployment rate:3.5% [forecast:3.6%, 10 January:3.6%]・rice・11 August non-farm payrolls:+26.6 million [forecast:+18 million,10 months:+15.6 million←+12.8 million]・rice・11 average hourly wage:year-on-year + 3.1% [forecast:+3.0%, 10 on:+3.0%]・Rice・12 month University of Michigan Consumer Confidence Index preliminary figures:99.2[expected:97.0,11 March: 96.8]・Rice・12 month University of Michigan 1-year period for inflation preliminary estimates: 2.4%[11 month: 2.5%] ・Rice・12 month University of Michigan 5-year period for inflation preliminary figures:2.3%[11 month: 2.5%]・Rice・10 March consumer credit:+189.08 billion USD[expected:+160.00 billion USD, 9 month:+95.79 billion dollars←+95.13 billion dollars]《KY》

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