12 month 9 day NY exchange overview

*05:58JST 12 month 9 day NY exchange overview
9 days of New York in the Forex market the dollar・yen, 108 yen 44 sen from 108 yen 68 sen has risen by over for.

The United States・Mexico・Canada agreement(usmca)signature・the establishment of closer and on expectations of yen-selling is predominant for. However, China’s trade-related indicators are below expectations, and by the United States government toward China additional tariff imposition to the sense of vigilance should rise Limited was.

The Euro・dollar,1. 1078 from $ 1. 1055 dollar decline will continue for.

The Euro・yen is 120 yen 10 per share from 120 yen 27 sen rose.

Pound・dollar,1.3136 USD fell after 1.3161 dollars in restitution. The UK General election, the ruling party of victory to incorporate the pounds to buy resilient expansion was.

Dollar・Swiss is 0. 9902 French from 0. 9875 France fell.

(Economic indicators)

・Especially not as《KY》

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