12 month part・time hourly East・West and rise in the video game Survey

The idea of according to the announcement, in 2019, 12 months of part・time hourly rate will continue to increase, East・West and also in the same month of the previous year outperformed it.

【Here】11 on the bytes of the hourly rate is 1111 yen year-on-year is the 39 consecutive month increased byte level research

■East Japan,West Japan and over the year plus

15, the recruitment site”the design team”how to operate design programs in 2019, 12 months of part・time recruitment, the average hourly wage was announced.

East Area average hourly wage increased less than 4. 8%, an increase of 1,153 yen. Job classes classification, production・related-the driver position is the same 7. 8 percent to 1,080 yen, and the other is the 4. An increase of 4% 1,069 yen, such as the 7 position of all in the list.

West of the area average hourly wage is the same 7. 8%, an increase of 1,133 yen. Job classes in classification is manufacturing・the driver position is the 4. 7% increase, including 6 of the occupation was a plus. The only clerical only minus was the average hourly rate is the same 0. 4 percent to 972 yen and a slight minus on the remains.

■In the Kanto region Saitama and Chiba high growth

Kanto 4 prefectures [Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba]of the average hourly wage increased less than 5. 6%, an increase of 1,171 yen. East as well as occupation of the drawer in all positions in the list.

Prefectures, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government the 4. 3%, an increase of 1,174 yen,Kanagawa Prefecture, is the 5. 7% to 1,215 yen,Saitama is the 7. An increase of 4% 1,137 yen, Chiba Prefecture, is the 7. 0% increase of 1,147 yen, especially in the Saitama Prefecture of professional・technical personnel [hourly rate:1,606 yen,compared to the same period the previous year 10. 2% increase, the same below], manufacturing・related driver corruption [1,106 yen,10.0%]in 2-digit growth as well.

■Kyoto is a 2-digit growth

Kansai 3 prefectures [Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto]the average hourly wage increased less than 9. 6%, an increase of 1,168 yen. Occupation of the drawer in the clerical work of the only the 0. 7 percent to 981 yen was one of the manufacturing・related driver office the 5. 5% to 1,042, such as a circle other 6 positions in the list.

Prefectures another, the Osaka is the 9. An increase of 4% 1,197 yen,Hyogo Prefecture, is the 9. An increase of 4% 1,121 yen,Kyoto is the 10. 6%, an increase of 1,158 yen and much growth. Especially in the Kyoto of the other [1,158 yen,22.7% year-on-year] large growth others,, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan other [993 yen, or 7.0% increase] and manufacturing・related driver corruption [1,033 yen, a 6.5%increase] in relatively high growth and have. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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