12 on 12 days of the NY foreign exchange summary

*05:17JST 12 on 12 days of the NY foreign exchange summary

12 days of New York in the Forex market the dollar・yen, 108 yen 56 sen from 109 yen 45 Sen has risen by over for.

U.S. negotiators that trade in principle agreed with the reports, and additional duties can be avoided and on expectations of dollar and risk appetite of yen sales to have accelerated.

The Euro・dollar,1.1154 dollar rises after 1.1103 dollar decline will continue for. The European Central Bank (ECB) interest rate, deferred to the unanimous decision. Lagarde ECB President when the economy against the judgment raised for buying euros is temporary me.

The Euro・yen is 120 yen 87 sen from 121 yen 60 per share will rise.

Pound・dollar,1. 3179 from $ 1. 3051 dollar fell. The results of the elections announced ahead of the sense of vigilance to the company prevails as a ruling party victory expected in the fate of the next tranche is also limited.

Dollar・Swiss is 0. 9809 francs from 0. 9876 French rose.

(Economic indicators)

・Rice・last week minutes initial jobless claims:+25.2 million (forecast: 21.4 million,previous:20.3 million)・rice・unemployment insurance continuation benefit recipients number: + 166.7 million (forecast:167.8 million,previous:169.8 million←169.3 million)・rice・11 producer price index:month-to-month 0%(Expected:+0.2%, 10 March:+0.4%)・rice・11 production those prices, the core index:previous month−0.2% (forecast:+0.2%, 10 March:+0.3%)・rice・11 Producer Price Index:year-on-year + 1.1% (forecast:+1.3%, 10 March:+1.1%) ・Rice・11 production those prices the core CPI:year-on-year+1.3% (forecast:+1.7%, 10 March:+1.6%)

(Monetary policy)・the European Central Bank(ECB) main interest rate(0.00%),・Deposit interest rates(Central Bank interest rates on deposits,lower limit,-0.50%),・the marginal lending rate(upper bound,0.25%), all deferred expected”debt purchase of interest rate hike before continuing to the””inflation reach the target, the interest rate is current or,below the level of the”《KY》

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