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128g in palm size. Wireless mini speaker "M1" which is most suitable for carrying-Engadget Japan version

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Small and stylish! Wireless mini speaker "M1"

> Bluetooth 5.0 compatible. Enjoy clear sound with stable connection.

> Hands-free call support. Also active in long calls and conference calls.

> Ultra-light body of only 128g. It can be attached to your bag and carried with the included silicone strap.

Favorite music in your smartphone. Listening with earphones is fine, but if you have any trouble, why not enjoy the wireless mini speaker "M1" more freely?
You can enjoy it with a large group. You can enjoy it as BGM while working. Music that you listen to at a loud volume is still different.

"M1" is compatible with the latest standard Bluetooth 5.0. 4.2 Faster transfer speeds and significantly reduced delay compared to previous versions. It also greatly contributes to improving sound quality. The communicable range is also ample 10m.
With a wireless type that does not require a troublesome cable, you can enjoy music without stress.

"M1" which can enjoy full-scale sound contrary to palm-sized compact appearance. The large-diameter voice coil built into the speaker unit produces powerful and clear sound. In addition, you can enjoy a realistic 3D sound by using a three-dimensional sound system.

Not just music playback! The "M1" has a built-in microphone and allows hands-free calling. When the paired smartphone receives power, a call sound is played from the speaker. All you have to do is press the power switch. Because you can talk at a high volume, it is useful for long calls with friends and conference calls.

"M1" with built-in 400mAh battery. When fully charged, up to 3 hours of music playback is possible, so you can enjoy plenty of music without worrying about the remaining charge on the go.

* The maximum operating time when music is played at 70% volume.

56×60.5 (including hook) x 35mm palm size. With a lightweight body of only 128g, you can easily carry it anywhere.
For example, to accompany a relaxing time in bed. Put it in the kitchen and enjoy cooking time with music. In the living room as background music for family reunion. How to enjoy music should be much more widespread!

The M1 comes with a convenient silicone strap.
If you attach it to your bag, you can avoid missing it in your bag.
In a small box with a retro design, you may have a conversation with a friend saying "What is it?"

"M1" has only two operation buttons. From music playback to listening, all operations are possible with these two buttons. No difficult operations are required, so even seniors and small children can use it with confidence.

Pairing with smartphones, iPads and tablets is possible.
* Cannot be paired with a laptop computer.

A simple but nostalgic retro design is the charm of the M1. There is no doubt that you will love your looks like a small record player!
The attention to detail, such as the volume adjustment and power button, and the hook through the strap, is also a must-see.

▲ Relax time in the room. Favorite songs at loud speakers.

▲ Long calls are easy with hands-free calling.

▲ Also active in the office. Work efficiency can be improved by playing BGM!

▲ As a room interior item.

▲ Also recommended for gifts.

■ February 2020 ■ Cloud funding started

■ April 2020 ■ Cloud funding end

■ June 2020 ■ Scheduled to ship in Japan

Q: What can I do with M1?

A: By pairing with a smartphone, iPad, or tablet, music playback and hands-free calling are possible.

Q: How do you pair?

A: Start "M1" and turn on Bluetooth on the device. Select "M1" from the list.

Q: "M1" is not found on the Bluetooth display.

A: If you have a paired device in the past, be sure to unpair it before pairing with a new device. Since two or more devices cannot be paired at the same time, they will not be displayed in the Bluetooth list in this case.

Q: How do you charge?

A: Use the included USB cable. The light blinks red when the cable is connected properly. When the lamp goes out, charging is complete.

Q: Is "M1" waterproof?

A: It is not waterproof, so please refrain from using it in the bathroom or poolside. Also, be careful of water drops such as rain.
You can use it in a dressing room or washroom if you take care not to splash it on water.

Q: Is a Japanese instruction manual included?

A: Yes. I have put it.

Q: Is there a warranty period?

A: There is a one year warranty period after purchase. We will repair or replace any defective product in the condition of use according to the instruction manual, at our expense. * Defects caused by intentional negligence are excluded.

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