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13,000 yen Wi-Fi 6 compatible router, released from Netgear on March 10-Engadget Japan version

Net gear
Netgear will release the Wi-Fi 6 compatible home router "RAX20" on March 10. The assumed price is 12,980 yen [excluding tax], which is a cheap product as a Wi-Fi 6 compatible product.

As for Wi-Fi 6 [IEEE802.11ax], the number of compatible products is gradually increasing from 2019, and there are not many options for low-priced products in the 10,000 yen range. On the other hand, products that can be used mainly for smartphones and mobile PCs are increasing on the connected device side, and the iPhone 11 series is also supported.

Meanwhile, "RAX20" was introduced, the fifth model of net gear for Wi-Fi 6 compatible home router, and it is the cheapest product ever.

This product supports dual bands of 2.4GHz band / 5GHz band, the maximum speed is 1201Mbps [1.2Gbps], the number of streams is 2 × 2 [two antennas for transmission and reception each] specification.

On the other hand, it has four gigabit-compatible wired LAN ports and can be used as a wired LAN hub. It also features a free Nighthawk app that is easy to set up.

Net gear

Although the performance is inferior to the high-end model, the maximum speed of fixed line service is about 1 Gbps as a standard, so it seems to be necessary and sufficient performance. Of course, the number of compatible bands and the number of streams of Wi-Fi depend not only on the maximum speed but also on the stability when connected, so many homes with multiple smartphones, PCs, game machines etc. If you are trying to connect other devices, we recommend that you select a higher-level device.

Net gear
▲ Comparison table created by Netgear. RAX20 on the far right is this new product


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