14 days markets 0. 2%cheap in 4 days anti,smartphone-related sales

*18:00JST 14 days markets 0. 2%cheap in 4 days anti,smartphone-related sales
14 days of the Hong Kong market is slightly lower. The major 50 stocks consisting of the Hang Seng Index yesterday compared with 69. 80 points[0.24%]cheap 28885. 14 points and 4 day in a row, the mainland Enterprise shares, consisting of mainland China share index [formerly the H-share index] is also 41. 39 points[0.36%]cheap 11355. 37 points and the major currencies. The sales price is 1191 billion 9300 million Hong Kong dollars and the high standards have continued[13 days 1118 billion 1100 Hong Kong dollars].

Profit-taking selling pressure is to be aware of the deployment. The Hang Seng Index is the psychological milestone of 29,000 points above start from the most recent rise in pitch was fast, there midfield from minus to started. Nevertheless, the large pitch motion is not seen. The U.S.-China relationship improvement expectations support that. 15 hosted by the US-China trade talks”Phase 1 agreement”signing ceremony before playing the rice regime is 13 days, the Chinese 為替操作 the country certified to 5 months to cancel. Also, trading hours published during last 12 months of China’s trade statistics about exports and imports and on the back of it plus the material regarded.

The Hang Seng Index constituent stocks, a small electronic parts manufacturer leading of the Rui voice of technology HD[AAC Technologies Holdings:2018/HK] 4. 4%, Cheap,optical parts, manufacturer of Shun Woo optical technology [2382/HK] 2. 3%, cheap,private automobile manufacturer Geely Automobile HD[175/HK] 1. 8%cheaper and lower stood out.
Sector, the smartphone [smartphone]and Internet-related is cheap. Described above, the Rui voice of technology and shun Woo optical science and technology, and other Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi population [1810/HK] 1. 8% e-book store, operated by browsing the Proceedings of the troupe[China・literal approach:772/HK] 9. 0% travel booking sites operate the same as the art Dragon HD[780/HK] 2. 9%, the game peripheral development of the laser[1337/HK] 2. 8%,the Online Game of IGG[799/HK] 2. With 3% decline.

On the other hand, Macau’s casino stocks are high. Macau Expo color HD[SJM Holdings:880/HK] 3. 9%, Jinsha China [Sands China:1928/HK] 3. 1%, Galaxy Entertainment Group [Galaxy Entertainment: 27/HK] 2. 3% of the value raised. 1 month of casino sales to more than one broker,12 month increase than expected. Business conditions improvement in the expectations of the spread.

China’s power generation sector too. Huarun power HD[836/HK] 2. 6%high,Huadian Power International[1071/HK] 2. 5% higher,Huaneng Power International[902/HK] 1. 5% higher and Rose. Huarun power, the last 12 months of sales volume year on year 2. 3% increase,3 months of consecutive positive growth which was a good feeling being.

On the other hand, the mainland market is in the red. Key indicators of the Shanghai Composite Index on the previous day compared with 0. 28%cheaper for 3106. 82 points in the loss. Consumption-related stocks are cheap. Auto stocks,tech stocks, pharmaceutical stocks,brokerage stocks,real estate stocks also sold. On the other hand, logistics・related stocks is high. Materials stocks, Public Utility stocks, infrastructure-related stocks one corner of the also bought.

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