15 female former sexual harassment women accused of Redskins

Fifteen former female employees in Redskins, who announced the name change in the NFL to eliminate discrimination against indigenous people, complained that "the executives of the team were sexually harassed." The Washington Post reported on the 16th. The team has dismissed the president after the end of last season due to poor performance and was criticized for being slow in responding to the name change.

Within the team, bad habits continued, such as some executives inappropriately referring to women's appearance or asking for a kiss. There was also no suitable system for responding to harassment reports.

Two people have already been dismissed and one has retired from the matter. "The dream of getting a career in professional sports was crushed [by the team]," said one of the sued women.

The owner, Daniel Snyder, who was mentioned in the past saying "I will never change" in connection with the team name change, was not the subject of sexual harassment, but it was pointed out that he had an uncomfortable constitution. [Joint]

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