16 days of JGB market overview:bond futures 152 yen 32 sen in the end

*18:25JST 16 days of the JGB market overview:bond futures 152 yen 32 sen in the end

JGB futures 2020 years and 3 months as
Donations 152 yen 40 sen high 152 yen 45 sen lows 152 yen 25 sen over 152 yen 32 sen
Trading volume total 15746 pieces

2 years 407 times -0.135%
5 years 141 times -0.125%
10 years 356 times -0.025%
20 years 170 times 0.280%

Bond futures 3 month limit,152 yen 40 sen start trading. The previous week at the end of the US long-term interest rates decline to only buy upfront and 152 yen 45 sen on. Then, the next day will be held 20-year bonds, bid to cautious from Sell is ascendant and,152 yen 25 sen is lowered. Cash bond trading, the 2-year bonds,5 year bonds,10 year bonds are sold,the 20-year bond is bought.

2-year bond is 1. 63%, the 10-year bond is 1. 84%, 30-year bond is 2. 26%to the lowest level.
Bond yields rise. [The property value]

< Other foreign bond market・the 10-year bond>
German government bonds-0.30%,UK bonds is 0. 78%,Australian 10-year bond is 1. 15%,NZ10-year bond is 1. 51%. [The property value]

[Today’s major political・economic events] -18:30 UK・12 September manufacturing PMI preliminary [forecast:49.2,11 March: 48.9] -18:30 UK・12 November Services PMI preliminary[expected:49.5,11 months: 49.3] -22:30 Rice・12 March NY Fed Manufacturing Index [forecast:4.0, 11 months: 2.9] -23:45 US・12 September manufacturing PMI preliminary[expected:52.6,11 month: 52.6] -23:45 US・12 October Services PMI preliminary[expected:52.0,11 June:51.6] -24:00 Rice・12 March NAHB housing market index[expected:70, 11 March: 70] -06:00 US・10 on U.S. Securities, Investment Income[9 months: net long-term marketable securities+495 billion]《KK》

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