17th Street investment: the rise,every day the highest value of the update

*08:29JST 17th Street investment: the rise,every day the highest value of the update
■New York: Stocks Rise,day after day the highest value of the update

The US stock markets to rise. The Dow average is 50. 46 dollar 29348. 10, the NASDAQ 31. 81 points high of 9388. 94 trade in the end. China’s 12-month industrial production and retail sales in market expectations to the upside,the Asia・Europe shares nearly a decade and buying ahead. 12 month housing starts were strong trend and this was welcomed. On the other hand, the main stock price has traded at levels close to its record high as profit the movement of the spread,the upper limit is limited. Sector, the insurance and consumer services increases, while energy and food・necessities retail is weak.

Yesterday, the market capitalization for the first time $ 1 trillion exceeded the search giant’s Alphabet(GOOGL)is negative. US-China relations and expectations in China, sales ratio of large construction equipment Caterpillar(CAT)and the commodity chemicals business of Dow(DOW)solid transition. The photo sharing app to take a snap chat(SNAP)and semiconductors, Qualcomm(QCOM)is the part of analysts by the investment decisions of raising, receiving the rise. On the other hand,railroad CSX(CSX)financial results of the Federal Reserve’s latest meeting indicated that interest rates are falling.

20 November (Monday)is Martin Luther King Day holiday for the US stock markets are closed.

(Horiko Capital Management LLC)

■Forex 110. 15 yen,US economic data the intensity of our

17 Days of New York in the Forex market the dollar・yen is 110 yen 21 sen to rise after 110 yen 05 Sen is weak, including the 110 yen 15 sen closed. The United States 12 month housing starts in 13 years at a high level and for growth expansion expected U.S. bond yields to rise, just as it sought for. However, and then announced USD 1 month Michigan large consumer confidence index preliminary figures and 11 on JOLT jobs number below expectations for dollar buying is receding.

The Euro・dollar,1. 1112 from $ 1. 1086 dollar fall as 1. 1090 dollars in a keep. The Euro・yen, and 122 yen to 37 yen per share from 122 yen 13 sen or decline.

Pound・dollar,1. 3056 from $ 1. 3007 dollar fell. The UK’s weak economic data, the British interest rate futures market, investors this month at a meeting of rate cuts into the probability rises for the company to further spur took.

Dollar・Swiss is 0. 9662 online from 0. 9696 French rose.

■NY crude oil: a modest rebound, illustrate oil drilling rig counts increase in upper limit heavy

17 Days of the NY crude oil futures 2 months as long as the small rebound(NYMEX crude oil 2 month long closing price:58.54 ↑0.02). New York Mercantile Exchange(NYMEX)WTI futures 2 month long day, the ratio of+0. 02 of $ 1 barrel=58.54 dollars in regular trading ended. Us Weekly domestic oil drilling rigs in Operation number of 4 weeks, increased for the first time for supply to expand into selling at the upper limit of the heavy deployment was.

■Major US company’s closing price

Brand name name⇒close⇒the day before the ratio (percentage change)

Bank of America(BAC) 34.71 USD -0.01 USD(-0.03%)
Morgan Stanley(MS) 57.51 USD +1.07 dollars (+1.90%)
Goldman Sachs(GS) 249.46 USD -0.26 dollars (-0.10%)
Intel (INTC) 59.60 USD -0.06 dollars (-0.10%)
Apple(AAPL) 318.73 USD +3.49 USD (+1.11%)
Alphabet (GOOG) 1480.39 dollars +28.69 USD (+1.98%)
Facebook (FB) 222.14 USD +0.37 USD (+0.17%)
Caterpillar (CAT) 147.78 USD +0.94 dollar (+0.64%)
Alcoa(AA) 17.69 USD -0.09 dollar (-0.51%)
Wal-Mart (WMT) 114.96 USD -0.94 dollars (-0.81%)
Sprint(S) 4.82 USD -0.10 dollars (-2.03%)《SF》

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