19-year-old Hironaka Hiroka is 5th place in Japan for 5000M women

Rika Hironaka [19, Japan Post Group], a promising future for track and field girls, gave 15 minutes and 5 seconds and 40th place at 5,000 meters for women, ranking fifth in Japan.

Kayoko Fukushi [37 = Wacoal] has updated the previous U20 Japan record 15 minutes 10 seconds 23 and cleared the standard record [15 minutes 10 seconds 00] of the 20th Tokyo Olympics [Olympics]. If it is within 3rd place in the Japan Championship in June next year, it will be decided as the representative of the Tokyo Olympics.

Hironaka, which is characterized by dynamic running from long limbs, won the 1st section award for both prefectural girls' road races and national high school relay roads at the time of Nagasaki Business High School. From this spring, he joined the Japan Post Group, where Ayako Suzuki [28], the representative of the women's marathon Tokyo Olympics, is enrolled. Although he was in his first year of high school, he finished 3rd in this year ’s 5000m Japanese Championship. Last month's All-Japan business group opposition women's Ekiden updated the section record for 1 ward for 18 seconds, contributing to the team's first victory in three years.

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