19 years of business confidence is significantly worse,20 years to improve the prospects JFC survey

Japan Finance Corporation, according to the survey of 2019 and the business conditions determine the trends index is 18 years from the significantly deteriorated by 2020, to improve and more companies are separate.

【Here】11 on confidence,2 months of continuous deterioration”in the retreat situation into” the possibility of a Teikoku Databank survey

■19 years is significantly worse,20 years to improve the prospects

11, the Japan Finance Corporation”is in 2020 SME business climate Outlook”announced.

Confidence to represent the business conditions DI[trends and indices,”improved”from”worse”and answer the percentage of firms minus number], and in 2019 is-18.1[improvement:15.9,worse:34.0], with 18 years of 11. 0 [I:28.3,worse:17.3]as compared with 29. 1 point worse. 19 years initially with the prospect of improvement is 21. 1, the deterioration is 15. 7 was for the improvement is somewhat reduced, as well as worse times or more.

Also, 20 year prospects for improvement 19. 1, the deterioration is 23. 2-a 4.1, and 19 years as compared to 15. 0 point to improve prospects.

■Electric・electronic related and diet-related significant improvement in the prospects of

19 years proven track record in demand for different in the was construction-related [8.9]only. Passenger-related[-42.6],衣生 activities related [-38.3],capital expenditure associated[-34.3], electronics:electronics-related[-28.3], such as minus is big, and diet-related[-7.3]also modestly negative.

20 Outlook in the construction-related[-13.8]will worsen. on the other hand, 衣生 activities related [-32.3],passenger related [-16.4],capital expenditure associated[-7.1]in the minus width is reduced. Electric and electronics・related[21.7],diet-related[25.0]is but we expect them to turn positive.

■Improvement or deterioration also is caused by”domestic demand”trends of

“Improvement”of the cause when asked about the most common was”domestic demand”trends of in 75. 9%. Some”made・sales price trends”[26.5%],”the major raw materials procurement price trends”[18.1%],”Olympic Games in Tokyo to demand trends”[15.7%],”tax hike”[12.0%],”foreign economic trends”[9.6%], such as which have become.

“Worse,”but most is caused by”domestic demand”trends of in 78. 7%. One,”foreign economic trends”[50.0%],”the major raw materials procurement price trends”[19.7%], natural disasters”・bad weather”[18.5%],”products of the selling price of the trends”[14.0%],”recruitment and employment”[12.9%],”tax hike”[10.7%],”oil and energy price trends”[6.7%], such as which have become.

■By 2020 the expected elements and anxiety element

In 2020 expect the elements to be asked,were the most”foreign recovery of the economy by an increase in external demand”in 22. 8%. The”Tokyo Olympic Games in demand associated with the occurrence of”[17.2%],”high stock prices and income increase by the consumer sentiment improvement”[13.6%],”Government・Local Governments, etc., by various policy measures・budget execution”[12.6%],”as a result of the depreciation of the yen accounts of the production and procurement of domestic regression”[11.4%],”the decline in crude oil prices by reducing costs”[7.0%], such as which have become.

Contrary to the concerns asked,the most common was”domestic consumption downturn, sluggish sales”at 73. 6%. The”lack of personnel, training hard”[59.7%],”raw material prices,fuel costs soaring”[38.8%],”overseas economic slowdown in exports due to the decline”[28.4%],”partners in the management of anxiety, management course”[15.1%],”financial trends”[11.6%],”products and services price reduction”[9.8%], such as which have become. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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