19 years of Q3 smartphone shipments,270 million, an increase of 3 billion 5830 million decrease in STEM

IDC estimates that,by 2019 3rd quarter smartphone shipments 270 million units, an increase(0.8 percent)of the 3 billion 5,830 million units in 2017, the 4th quarter since 7 quarter continued to be below the previous year’s level, to stem from(Press release).

The 2nd quarter compared to 8. 1% increase(7 published in March2nd quarter estimatedIn comparison with the 7. 5% increase), and IDC is again increased and only seems to have. Incidentally, the sales-based Gartner data, theIn 2017 in the 4th quarter for the first time last year crackingThe 2018 year is again increased,alsoIn 2019 Q1The 2nd quarterLast year crack was.

3rd quarter smartphone shipments to vendors separately, the US-China trade war in the predicament I was placed in the 2-position of Huawei continues to the Chinese market, focusing on 2-digit growth while in the international market, Huawei’s predicament and who benefited the most from was the No. 1 Samsung and.

SamsungGalaxy Note10 seriesTo 8 months to release a low end-mid range of A series in Huawei out of the market hole to fill. Thus, Samsung’s shipments year-on-year 600 million increase(8.3%increase)of 7,820 million as well. Huawei is a China national patriotism will be on the other hand, China will have the power which had local markets, and that 2-digit growth. The year-on-year 1,460 million increase(28.2 percent)of 6,660 million units shipped, and share 18. 6%increased. However, in the 4th quarterGoogle services with your Mate for 30 seriesSuch as,U.S. export regulations, when the impact of these. US Department of Commerce Wilbur Ross Commissioner,U.S.-China trade talks are going smoothly for US companies filed forHuawei to the export license and some authorization can beAnd the idea of shows,well………. why.

The 3-position of the Apple is the year-on-year 30 million decrease(down 0.6%) of 4,660 million.iPhone 11And iPhone XR is favorable, predicted in advance had not been reduced from what was. File bit version iPhone sales, the installed base is increased by this. In the 2nd quarter of Apple’s 150 million difference in the imminent 4th of Xiaomi is 110 million decrease(3.3 percent)of 3,270 million units. Ranked # 5 of OPPO is 120 million increase(4.1%increase)of 3,120 million units. Xiaomi and OPPO in China, Huawei pressed in while in overseas market, and focusing on,Xiaomi shipments of 3 minutes of 2 or more, the OPPO is nearly half of the China other countries and do.

Top 5 of total shipments in 2,400 million increase(36.7%increase)2 billion 5,530 million units, the share of the total is 71. 2%, and for the first time, 70%exceeded.

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