1966 Monte Carlo Rally with 5 Porsche │ 5th story disappeared

Porsche prepared five 911s for the 1966 Monte Carlo Rally. Four of them entered from the works team, and the fifth one was purchased by a private driver and took the big stage. This is a story about the fifth rally car that disappeared into the darkness of history.

By the mid-1960s, Porsche had already had great success in various areas of motorsport with the 356 and 550 Spiders and the latest 904. The 911, which was born in 1964, was expected to carry on that tradition and succeed. The 1965 Monte Carlo Rally was chosen as the first international stage due to media exposure.

The drivers are Herbert Linge and Peter Falk. The only modification from the road car was the replacement of the carburetor from Solex to Webber and a spotlight on the roof. The 911 is now the world's most well-known competition vehicle, but its great history, which has continued for over 50 years, began with the 5th place finish at this time.

But Porsche's only goal was victory. So, in Monte Carlo in 1966, the maximum upgrade allowed by the rules of the ERC [European Rally Championship] GT class was applied to all four cars. As with the previous year, we replaced the four Solex carburetors with Weber carburetors and used modified camshafts that will be introduced to the 911S soon. In this way, the output was increased from 110bhp for road cars to 140bhp.

The cross ratio 901 type gearbox improves acceleration at the expense of top speed and incorporates a limited slip differential to improve traction at the foot of the challenging Alps. Also, replace with a stiffer torsion bar and wider rim wheel. A straight type exhaust pipe further increased the output by 2 to 3 bhp. As a little secret weapon, an external temperature gauge was attached to the wooden dashboard.

This was an idea to detect the freezing of the road surface, but it was not so useful because the thermometer was not accurate enough. The four crews at Works were Gunther Class / Rolf Wüterich, Joe Schlesser / Robert Boucher, Hans Walter / Werner Ria and Henri Perrier / Pierre de Pasquier. Chassis number 178 was prepared for the purpose of providing another spare part or renting it to a private driver.

Juan Fernandez, who was active in Spanish rally, hill climb and touring car races, appears here. Fernandes, who had a friendship with the Porsche family, came to Stuttgart on an annual long-distance drive from his home Barcelona to have the Porsche mechanic maintain his own 904 Carrera GTS. When I saw the latest 906 prototype at the workshop, I immediately ordered one.

However, it will be ready for customers after seven months. Fernandez asked if there were any cars available for the race in the meantime, but only the fifth 911 prepared for the Monte Carlo Rally. Ferry Porsche has agreed to sell it to Fernandes, provided he is racing in Monte.

The event was about to start a few weeks later, and Fernandez had little experience running on snow in competition. Still, no driver refuses this opportunity. When he entered with car driver Oliva Griffoy in car number 54, he wasn't able to stand out, but he coped with changing road conditions and many night stages, and survived the first four days safely.

But on the fifth day the weather got worse. While driving on a high altitude point with deep snow, the dog hits the dog and the impact damages the steering wheel. Fernandez decided to retire, deciding that it would be too dangerous to continue without accurate control even in difficult conditions.

Speaking of Monte in 1966, the top four cars are famous for being disqualified. Pauli Toivonen wins the Citroen DS. In Porsche, four works cars dominated the GT class from 1st to 4th.

It became a road car "Chassis number 178"

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