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1980 yen ring type strobodifuser @ Sanko

Sanko released a ring-type stroboscopic fuser "Shadow Clear Flash" on January 20. Simply plug in an interchangeable lens camera equipped with a clip-on strobe to illuminate the person brightly and healthily, and enjoy lively portrait photography with catchlights in your eyes. The price is 1,980 yen [tax included].

  • Ring-type strobe body fuser "Shadow Refresh Flash" that can be used with interchangeable lens cameras equipped with a clip-on strobe

A circular diffuser that can be attached to a commercially available camera clip-on flash. It diffuses the light of the strobe to soften the shadow of the subject, making it ideal for shooting people, as well as for shooting small items such as models and for exhibiting at the Freema appli.

  • Clip-on strobe light is emitted in a ring

  • Insert and use an interchangeable lens camera equipped with a clip-on strobe in this way

  • The point is that you can use your existing equipment as it is

  • Clip-on strobe is fixed with strap

  • In addition to illuminating the face evenly and brightly, catchlights can be put on the eyes

To mount, simply attach it to the clip-on strobe and insert the camera lens into the center hole. It can be folded when not in use, making it easy to carry and store. The body size is W450 x D160 x H450mm when expanded, W200 x D60 x H200mm when folded, and weighs about 203g.

  • Collapse small when not in use

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