1L engine with only 50ps, but unrivaled fun for drivers Fiat Panda 2

Refreshing drive feel

フ ィ The Fiat Panda 1000CL, which was the vehicle for this interview, was an 87-year model. 1L version as the name suggests, one of the carburetor days.
This is the first time I have driven a first-generation panda in about 20 years. However, I can't help but be impressed with the refreshing feeling. An engine of only 50ps will not generate enough torque unless the rotation is maintained above a certain level, so a small shift change is required. And since there is no tachometer, the shift timing must be judged by ear. In addition, power steering and brake servos are not available until the 1L era, so delicate and powerful skills are required in every situation. But all of this brings unrivaled enjoyment to the driver.

The attractive basic cars made in Europe are fun to drive without exception. Even so, the Fiat Panda, an indigenous Italian car, has the qualities to re-recognize the essence of "car fun". Furthermore, if you enjoy the open feeling of open air with the double sunroof which is optional equipment for this individual, I feel that it was once again taught that absolute speed and sporty feel are not the only criteria of fun. It is.

instrument panel



Door trim

Front seat

rear seat

Getting on and off
An interior that is truly a utility vehicle. The seats were of a removable hammock type in the earliest models, but in the age of the interview vehicles, they were changed to those with a normal structure due to issues such as durability. On the other hand, a tray-shaped storage box that covers the entire width of the dash panel and an ashtray that can slide freely from side to side demonstrate the creativity and design abilities of Italdesign, led by Giugiaro. In addition, the exquisite sense of interior fabrics is unique to the fashion country of Italy.

Published: Hachimaru Hero May 2015 Issue Vol.29 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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