"1on1 system" recognition is about 35%, introduction is about 15%-"Vitor" dip investigated

The dip that operates the part-time job posting site “Bightle” etc. has the theme of “1on1”, which has a one-on-one interview.1on1 introduction fact-finding interviewed by 2000 members of societyAn Internet survey titled “ The results were announced on December 3rd. The survey period is November, and the subjects are men and women between the ages of 22 and 65 working for companies across the country. Effective collection number is 2000 samples.

First of all, when we asked the survey subjects, “Do you know the 1on1 system?”, 34.8% “have heard” and 65.2% “have never heard”. Although it has been known by major IT companies, it is said that the actual recognition is still low.

In addition, when people who answered “I have heard of 1on1” were asked about “the introduction status of 1on1 at work”, 41.8% said that “1on1 was adopted” and “not adopted 1on1”. As a result, it was 58.2%, and about 15% of the total employ “1on1” at work.

”When asked if they wanted to be praised by their boss in the last month, 51.7% answered“ I have thought ”and 48.3% said“ I never thought ”. Next, when asked if they were praised by their boss within a week, 34.4% were “praised” and 65.6% were “not praised”. In the company, about half of the people who have wanted to be praised, but more than 60% have not been praised, "it is expected that there is not much communication between boss and subordinates "

In addition, when they asked if they could tell their worries or true feelings about their colleagues, 42.2% said they could say it and 57.8% said they could not say it. It is said that it is difficult to consult with colleagues and people at work.

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