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2.5 layers waterproof processing with Daikin's waterproofing technology. Super lightweight rain jacket "RAIN JACKET 3.0"-Engadget Japan Version

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FOOXMET, which received over 100 million yen in the strongest heating jacket “Warm Geek”, created the strongest rain jacket “RAIN JACKET 3.0” for the rainy season and typhoon season! This time, the first landing in Japan!

RAIN JACKET 3.0, which sings the strongest, is exceptionally waterproof and prevents rain, not only eliminates stickiness and discomfort unique to rainy days, but also has excellent windproofness and is effective in preventing body temperature from dropping due to cold wind Target.

In addition, it weighs only 300g and can store a jacket in the main body pocket, making it easy to carry. One of the points to pay attention to is a design that does not forget the playfulness that changes color when it gets wet.

It can be worn as a casual wear regardless of the weather, not to mention the rainy day, and it can be worn in various ways. Overturn the concept of raincoat,Just the strongest rain jacket!

New technology! Overwhelming waterproofness of 2.5 layers structure

"RAIN JACKET 3.0" is a 2.5-layer structure made of DWR-treated fabric with excellent waterproof and windproof properties, a waterproof TPU film with a pressure resistance of 14,000mm, and an ultra-thin membrane that realizes a discolored design. Stylish enough to withstand prolonged heavy rain, but also very light and can be worn as everyday wear on rainy days.

On a rainy forecast day or a light rainy day that is not enough to put an umbrella on, you can go out without increasing your luggage if you put on "RAIN JACKET 3.0"!

Layer 1: Departs from DAIKIN! DWR waterproof fabric

The first layer of "RAIN JACKET 3.0" is environmentally friendly waterproof fabric developed by DAIKIN Industries, a global manufacturer in Japan. The surface is subjected to a durable water-repellent treatment called DWR processing, which demonstrates excellent durability and water repellency. Rainwater that touches the fabric rolls without adhering and repels it as interestingly as possible.

In addition, the feature is that the fabric is softer than a general raincoat. Even if you put your nails up, it will not hurt and keep your relatively clean condition longer.

▲ To prevent rainwater from adhering to the fabric, most of the rainwater can be dropped with a quick swing. The fabric dries in no time, so it's comfortable without sticky!

Second layer: Waterproof TPU film with 14,000mm pressure resistance

The second layer of "RAIN JACKET 3.0" is a waterproof TPU film of only 0.15mm. It boasts a pressure resistance of 14000mm, comparable to prolonged heavy rain, and has thorough wind protection. No 2000W dryer.

There is no problem with cold rainwater and cold wind from all directions. Thoroughly waterproof and windproof to prevent a drop in body temperature.

2.5th layer: Ultra-thin film realizing a discoloration design

The secret of the playful logo that changes color when it gets wet is the thin film, which is only 0.5 layers thin. By adopting a polymer material, when it comes into contact with water molecules, light reflection and refraction occur, and white characters turn yellow!

With a unique and stylish design that does not overlap with the surroundings, it may be a key to conversation.

Does not create gaps [seams] where water seeps

A common seam in conventional clothing. With sewing techniques that use threads, rainwater will inevitably soak from the seams.

Therefore, thermo-compression sealing technology using a waterproof seal instead of thread is installed. A perfect waterproofing effect is achieved by a sewing method that does not create a gap where rainwater seeps.

Thin and light! Ultra lightweight 300g to reduce the burden

"RAIN JACKET 3.0" is overwhelmingly thin and light. Even folded like a shirt, it is only 2cm thick and weighs only about 300g. Even if it is stored in a bag, it is less burdensome than carrying a PET bottle, and it is light and comfortable to wear!

Even the overwhelming rain forecast has no trouble. We will do our best to help you go out lightly.

A pocket that doesn't increase luggage, a storage bag

"RAIN JACKET 3.0" can store all jackets in pockets without having to carry a separate storage bag. It fits in a size of about 10x15cm, and it fits comfortably without getting in the way of a rucksack side pocket or shoulder bag.

The latest 3.0 was born reflecting the voice of customers!

・ "I am glad that there is a lot of storage and it seems that it can be done empty-handed on rainy days."

・ "I was drawn to the longer design!"

・ "I am looking forward to ideas that make rainy days fun."

・ "It is a design that can be used everyday with a thin coat, and it is decisive that it is affordable."

Based on the feedback from customers who supported the previous raincoat, the favorable score was even better, and the point that received feedback was improved and the newest and strongest “ RAIN JACKET 3.0 '' was born .

▲ To accompany the daily habit of walking. Sudden rain and cold weather are also safe.

▲ Always available as a substitute for folding umbrellas while traveling while traveling.

▲ For daily commuting. No need to increase luggage just because it's a rainy day.

▲ If you have one in the outdoors such as camping, you can enjoy it without mind.

▲ The stylish design is very useful in business situations such as business trips.

■ March 2020 ■ Cloud funding started

■ June 2020 ■ Cloud funding end

■ May and June 2020Scheduled to be shipped sequentially in Japan

Q. Can I do laundry at home?
A. Washing is possible, but please check the following notes carefully.

Q. Can I wear it when playing sports?
A. Keeping in mind that rain is the first priority, so be aware that intense sports can be humid without ventilation.

Q. Is the design unisex?
A. Yes, it is unisex.

Q. If the size does not fit, can I replace it?
A. You can exchange the size up to one time, but please note that the shipping cost to us when returning it will be borne by the supporter. Also, due to the limited size, we may not be able to respond depending on the stock status. Returns and refunds due to non-initial defects such as usability are not accepted in principle.

With all employees born in the 80s and 90s, FOOXMET is a passionate new company in China who wants to take on new challenges. We aim to achieve the best look and comfort.

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