2 month 27 days of the NY foreign exchange summary

*05:27JST 2 month 27 days of the NY foreign exchange summary
27-day New York foreign exchange market dollar・yen 109 yen 69 Qian in the fall after the 110 yen 35 Sen has risen by over for.

Global 新型肺炎 of expansion in the economy is slipping into recession and concerns and company performance the lowering of the sense of vigilance to the risk-averse yen buying, interest rate cuts observed, accompanied by a short spur from.

However, the United States of 1 September durable goods orders preliminary,1 month pending home sales index, 2 January Kansas City Fed manufacturing activity across the Board exceeded expectations for a decline is limited by.

The Euro・dollar,1. 0959 from $ 1. 1006 the dollar will rise up as closed.

The Euro・yen is 120 yen and 35 sen from 121 yen and 04 Sen rise.

Pound・dollar is 1. 2917 dollar rises after 1.2865 dollar fell.

Dollar・Swiss is 0. 9675 franc fall after 0.9728 French to Rose.

(Economic indicators) ・Rice・10-12 year on year GDP revised value:annualized+2.1% (forecast:+2.1%,the preliminary estimate:+2.1%)・Rice・10-12 month period personal consumption revised:annualized+1.7% (forecast:+1.7%,the preliminary estimate:+1.8%)・Rice・10-12 year on year core PCE:YoY + 1.2% (forecast+1.3%,preliminary+1.3%)・rice・1 September durable goods orders preliminary:previous month‐0.2% (forecast:-1.4%,12 months:+2.9%←+2.4%)・rice・1 month orders for durable goods(transport equipment excluded) Preliminary:previous month+0.9% (forecast:+0.2%,12 months: + 0.1%←-0.1%)・rice・1 month manufacturing shipments・capital goods(excluding aircraft non-defense)preliminary:month-to-month + 1.1% (forecast:0.0%,12 months: -0.1%←-0.3%)・Rice・last week minutes initial jobless claims:21.9 million (forecast:21.2 million,previous:21.1 million←21.0 million)・rice・unemployment insurance continuation benefit recipients: the number of 172.4 million (forecast:171.1 million,previous:173.3 million←172.6 million) ・Rice・1 monthly existing home sales index:monthly+5.2% (forecast:+3.0%,12 months: -4.3%←-4.9%)・rice・2 on the Kansas City Fed Manufacturing Activity:5(expected‐1, 1 on‐1)


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