2 month 7 days of the NY foreign exchange summary

*05:47JST 2 on 7 Day NY exchange overview
7 days of New York in the Forex market the dollar・yen is 110 yen 00 Sen rising after the 109 yen 53 sen also showed closed.

Rice 1 August employment report non-farm payrolls number is expected to significantly exceed such groups have sought and got. However, the US Federal Reserve Board [the FED]to the Parliament once every six months to submit a monetary policy report in 新型肺炎 the infection spread of new threats to the Chinese economy to cause confusion in the global economy, involving the possibility of warning This is not for the faint of heart,US bond yields decline on dollar buying to weaken the most risk-averse yen buying relapse.

The Euro・dollar,1. 0976 from $ 1. 0942 in falling closed._ NEW_LINE__

The Euro・yen is 120 yen to 55 yen per share 120 yen 09 sen or decline.
Pound・dollar,1. 2959 from $ 1. 2887 dollar fell._ NEW_LINE__

Dollar・Swiss is 0.9741 France until after the fall,0.9781 the French rose.

[Economic indicators]・rice・1 on non-farm payrolls:previous month+22.5 million [forecast:+16.5 million,12 October:+14.7 million←+14.5 million]・US・1 average hourly rate:the year-on-year + 3.1% [forecast:+3.0%,12 months:+3.0%←+2.9%]・rice・1 on the unemployment rate:3.6%[expected:3.5%,12 months: 3.5%]・Rice・12 months wholesale inventories revised:previous month−0.2% [forecast:-0.1%,the preliminary estimate:-0.1%]・Rice・12 months wholesale sales:compared to the previous month−0.7% [forecast: + 0.1%, 11 months: +0.9%←+1.5%]・Rice・12 March consumer credit:+220.55 billion USD[expected:+150.00 billion USD, 11 March:+118.05 billion dollars←+125.13 billion dollars]


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