2 month retail sales 1. 7%and Department stores up to 2 and a decrease in supermarkets and convenience strong

METI is 31 October announced 2 commercial business 動態統計 according to the Bulletin, commercial sales 34 trillion, 8,770 billion yen from the same period of the previous year, compared to 3. 8%, and decreased.

Wholesale is 23 trillion 6,490 billion yen [the same 6. 2%decrease], while retail trade is 11 trillion 2,280 billion yen [the same 1. 7%increase] increased.

Corona shock due to falling sales are concerned, the seasonally-adjusted month-to-month is 0. 7%increase, and wholesale and retail trade both recovering.

Clothing and Department store sales is heavily depressed on the other hand, and the bottom of the tightness was confirmed. Voluntary restraint increases, meals needs to incorporate much.

●Consumption tax hike, from the effects of picking up the retail

Retail is the consumption tax hike, after sales fell. In 2019, 10 August retail sales is 11 trillion 1,080 billion yen,compared to the same month the previous year in 7. 0%, the seasonally-adjusted month-to-month is 13. 7%decrease and was.

2 month retail sales consumption tax hike after almost the same level year-on-year in the Plus was. Bottomed out I felt.

●Furniture, home appliances, clothing is a big decline

The Japan Chain Store Association, according to 2 months of sales fell the most Department is the”home appliances”yet. Store Adjusted 13. 6%decrease[compared to the same period the previous year], and”furniture・interior[the same 11. 1%decrease]”,”gentleman Clothing[The 7. Down 3%]”followed.

National 百貨店協会 Published 2 March nationwide Department store sales adjusted to exclude the effects of the increase in the number of stores in the same 12. 2%less severe numbers. 2 on foreign the 58. 3%decrease that also affects the like.

●Convenience store, super resilient

Necessities other than consumption is depressed on the other hand, convenience stores and super solid.

Japan franchise chain Association, according to 2 months of sales for all stores based in 2. 8%increase[compared to the same period the previous year]was. Also, the Japan supermarkets Association, for 3 groups aggregated according to the 2 months of Super sales is the same 5. 5 percent.

Necessities on the back of robust growth in demand and prices.

●Refrain the effects of these

Retailers,especially the necessities of life for 2 months consumption was firm. However, 小池百合子 the Governor of Tokyo is going out of the refrain to the request for 3 month. Retail trade impact from this surface as well.

Food items such as meals needs to remain strong, but the corona of the shock convergence is to look at optimistic, you would not. [Article: financial planner・Wakayama, Takuya・The article list to look at]

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