2 months exemption from NHK, SMEs and sole proprietors affected by the new Corona

▽ NHK announced on May 11 that it will implement a reception fee exemption as an urgent measure aimed at reducing the burden on businesses regarding the spread of new coronavirus infection [COVID-19].

The target is SMEs and sole proprietors who have received the benefit decision for sustainable benefit in the "Emergency Economic Measures for New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases" decided by the Cabinet on April 20, Exemption from broadcasting reception contracts concluded at places etc. The exemption application is until March 31, 2021.

Exemption period is 2 months from the month when the exemption is applied and the next month. If you sign a receiving contract and apply for exemption in the month when the receiver is installed, you will be exempted from the following month and the month after the next month because no receiving fee will be charged in the installation month.

Procedure is NHKwebsiteDownload the application form, fill in the required items, put a copy of the "Exemption application" and "Sustainable benefit" benefit notification in an envelope, and mail it to the designated address. The application form will be available for download from May 18.

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