2 months of confidence,all industries and regions in worsening the Teikoku Databank survey

Empire data Bank is a 2 month survey, China’s development and infections such as the impact of all industries and regions is deteriorating, and the economy is a big setback enter a phase know what they’re talking about

【Mom】1 month of business confidence,4 consecutive months in deterioration in overseas trends, and a mild winter in the Teikoku Databank survey

■7 years 40 cracked

4 days, Teikoku Data Bank 2 on Economic Trends Survey announced. 2 months of the economic DI [Trend Index] is 38. 7 in 1 month 41. 9 from 3. 2 as a result, sales generally remained favorable on a local currency basis due to,19 years 10 months from 5 months in a row worse, and 13 years 2 months 39. 8 since 7 years, 40 below.

There was a big decline as the cause,the new Corona Office of the infections related to import / export and tourists, the decline of various events of self-restraint go out the hands of the refrain is, with the mild winter trend, excise tax increases, the global decline in stock prices below the push factors.

■Tourists and go out of the decline in service is worse

Sectoral DI is all business in the previous month, worse than it was. Especially the deterioration of the width was big business,real estate is 42. 0 [M / M:3.9 points less, the same below], wholesale 34. 4 [3.5 points decrease], transportation・warehouse 34. 0[5.5 points decrease], and the service is 45. 1 [4.4-point decrease], and the other is 39. 2 [3.5 points decrease].

New coronavirus infections, by travel and import / export reduction of such factors of transportation・warehouse is 1 year ago from 14. 3 points of deterioration,”rapidly deteriorating”and have represented. Similar to services of the guests to decline or go out of hand refrain is affected.

Conversely, relatively worsening the width was less business, agricultural・forest・fishery is 37. 9 [0.5 point decrease], and Finance 42. 2 [2.6 point decrease], construction 47. 8[2.2 point decrease], and manufacturing is 34. 9 [2.7 point decrease], retail is 34. 1 [2.2 point decrease], etc.

■All regions from the previous month, worse

The different scale in large companies 42. 0 [M / M 3. 3 points less, the same below], small businesses 38. 0 [3.1-point decrease], and small companies 38. 8[2.6 point decrease], and 5 consecutive months all on the scale of the deterioration was.

Also regional DI all of the areas deteriorated,especially minus the width of the large region, and Hokkaido is 39. 0[3.4 point decrease], and the South Kanto is 41. 1 [3.4 point decrease], Tokai 37. 3 [3.3-point decrease], and the Kinki region 36. 3 [3.5 points decrease], and Shikoku 39. 5[3.2 point decrease], and Kyushu is 41. 5 [3.7 point decrease].

South Kanto, especially Tokyo, the deterioration of the wider port facilities of pause and Inns・hotels and other services is significantly worse. Kyushu is the tourism towing Okinawa has significantly deteriorated.

On the other hand, the Northeast is 36. 7 [2.1 point decline], North Kanto is 36. 9 [2.5 point decrease], and the Hokuriku region 35. 6[2.0 points decrease], and China is 39. 0[2.2 point decrease] and the deterioration width is small eyes.

■The prospect of”loose retreat”continues

Looking ahead, the 3 month of economy DI 37. 3 for 2 on from 1. 4 points reduced,after six months of the 8 month 36. 5, 1 years 21 years 2 months 34. 3 to predict. The Tokyo Olympics there 6 months of the 36. 2 from 2 consecutive months rose slightly, but generally the right shoulder down and look.

Olympic and 5G [5th generation mobile communication system] is in full swing and the Silicon cycle the upturn is positive and that on the other hand, unfavorable factors, the infection spread,American and Chinese trade disputes, the Middle East,consumers point reduction the completion of the project, of consumption trends, the labor shortage companies such as cost increases should also. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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