2 on May 26, the NY exchange overview

*05:27JST 2 on May 26, the NY exchange overview
26 days of the New York Forex market USD・JPY 110 JPY 70 per share will rise after 110 yen 18 sen or fell over you.

The United States 1 month lows exceeded the 13-year high reached in the housing market, strength 新型肺炎 the adverse effects of the offsetting of the expected spread and the dollar buying is rekindled.

In the United States, then 15 out of 新型肺炎 of cases reported in the United States, the spread of infection and the concern is relapse,and growth only.

The Euro・dollar,1.0855 in the fall after the 1.0900 dollar rises as closed.

The Euro・yen 119 yen 93 sen from 120 yen 37 sen rise.

Pound・dollar is 1. 2950 from $ 1. 2900 dollar fell.

Dollar・Swiss is 0. 9779 French rise after 0.9751 French to anti.

The Swiss National Bank[SNB]by the French high corrective interventions are increasingly wary of the strength was temporary of in the market but it was.

[Economic indicators] ・rice・1 August new home sales number:76.4 million [forecast:71.8 million,12 months: 70.8 million←69.4


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