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Stations in Kanto area from June 15th Nakaconvenience storeAt (New Days and KIOSK), you can purchase the famous Tokyo confection "Tokyo Banana".

I think many people gave up on going to Tokyo during the first half of the year due to the influence of corona. The author is one of them. Banana Tokyo speaks kindly, as if she were close to that feeling. "You should feel like sightseeing in Tokyo at home."…!

See you for the first time

Tokyo Banana is a very popular souvenir. Many people think of it just because it has the name Tokyo.

… I wrote it. Actually, I have lived in Kanagawa for more than 30 years and have never eaten it. It's pitiful!

Tokyo has been used daily for commuting and attending school. I wasn't as far away as going sightseeing, and I didn't come up with the idea of ​​buying a souvenir from Tokyo and returning. People from Kanto, who knew the product but didn't eat it, came from Banana, Tokyo.

It seems to be useful in various scenes

This time, the station Naka sells "Tokyo Banana "Mitsuketta" snack pack". It is a set of two individually wrapped products, and the price is 270 yen (tax included).

As the "Snack Pack" says, it's the perfect amount and price for your own treat, and it's also a convenient souvenir. I thought that it would be even easier to use it as a small gift if the applicant gave me a paper bag. Tokyo Banana is currently on sale at the online store, but I'm happy that I can actually pick it up and buy it.

I purchased it on the 15th day of the release date, but the expiration date of the products lined up on that day is June 26th.

It's a raw confection, so you need to be careful, but it's also attractive that it lasts a long time.

Impressed by the natural sweetness of the banana and the soothing cream

As it is in a transparent cup, you can take it out from the bag. I didn't want to damage the soft and fluffy sponge, so I was relieved, but…

The bottom of the sponge was sticking to the cup and it was difficult to fight. When I peeled it off, I got a pretty dough in the cup. Crap, crap! Banana Tokyo feels like a beginner…!

I imagined the strong aroma of bananas from the image of banana sweets I had eaten up until now, but this was completely different. Due to the large amount of banana paste used, it has a very gentle natural banana scent that is not artificial.

Banana custard cream with a moderate sweetness has a moist texture like a real banana. It is a taste of high-class sweets that makes good use of bananas, and it has a different taste from banana cakes there.

It had such a light and elegant taste. I want to tell myself when I was a student. "Buy a box on your way home from school." It was so delicious.

The range of arrangements is amazing

If you look at the official website, you will find a recipe for French toast made in Tokyo Banana. It goes well with yogurt and fruits. Are you a loaf of bread! ? It is a potential that makes you want to doubt it.

The package also has the words "Delicious even when frozen".

It is more than bread. Even if you freeze frozen bread, no one will eat frozen bread as it is. It has tremendous potential, isn't it?

I thought that I could do something, so I decided to make that street food menu that children love.

Chocolate Banana, I found it

There are four things to prepare.
① Tokyo Banana
② Chocolate
③ Color spray
④ Calm heart

Because I made it possible for small children to make it as they like, the color spray scattered and it became a chaotic space. Look at the color spray flying in the air and work with the calmness of a "let's party".

Coat chocolate melted in hot water on Tokyo Banana to make a cooking sheet. If you apply color spray before the chocolate hardens, just cool it down. I was interested in "Frozen Banana" this time, so I chilled it in the freezer for 2 hours to harden it.

Pick it up and you're done.

I wanted them to have a good taste, so I told them to say hello. "That's not banana, Tokyo Banana." Setsuko, drop it, don't drop it, and it's in the wind.

We all wore Jinbei and enjoyed it like a festival.

The chocolate on the banana cake is not bad.

The crispy texture of the chocolate and the cool cake inside are the best. Furthermore, the cream that has solidified like ice cream melts on your tongue. The crunchy texture was ◎ because it used a large color spray. I wonder if we can do the stalls already.

I'm addicted to buying Banana Tokyo because I want to eat this.

This summer, the festivals and fireworks festivals that children were looking forward to will disappear, and it is expected that there will be fewer opportunities to use the food stalls. Please enjoy the festival with the higher-grade "Choco Banana".

Store: “New Days” and “New Days KIOSK” at JR East Group stations
Menu: Tokyo Banana "Mitsuketta" snack pack
Price: 270 yen (tax included)
Official site:☆ Tokyo Banana "Mitsuketta" – Tokyo Banana World ☆

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