20 in the 2nd quarter of global PC shipments,Gartner 2. 8% increase,IDC is 11. 2% increase and is estimated to

Gartner and IDC are 9, the in 2020 in the 2nd quarter of PC shipments estimate each year. The same quarter of the previous year compared to Gartner is 2. 8%increase,IDC is 11. 2%increase and a big difference from(The Gartner press release, IDC’s press release).

Both the 2nd quarter an increase of about COVID-19 pandemic is greatly affected by the supply chain is to recover on the other hand, working from home・learning PC surge was followed by a points raise. IDC pandemic PC again and consumers of the technology assets of the center to push up our analysis, that is,both the strength of demand is not going to last for long, and only that.

According to Gartner when Chromebook exclude an object, such as slightly different, in the past 2 years up to 3% of the difference was. However, the 2nd quarter is when Gartner 6,481 million(the same quarter of the previous year compared to 176 million increase,same below),IDC is 7,226 million(726 million increase), more than 1 of the difference with. The estimation target is the same the 4-position of Apple in comparison,Gartner is 437 million(21 million increase),IDC 559 million(148 million increase)and a large difference can be seen.Apple device shipments published for the 2018 4th quarterThe two companies estimated the value of the difference is larger for the 2nd quarter for the first time, the difference is 100 million units exceeded.

The top 3 vendors Gartner Lenovo(1,620 million,+4.2%)and HP(1,617 million,+17.1%)to the No. 1 and No. 3 Dell(1,065 million,-0.3%). IDC HP(1,808 million,+17.7%)and Lenovo(1,741 million,+7.4%)through the 1-position, rising to No. 3 Dell(1,201 million,+3.5%), and 3 vendors, and even the two companies estimated the value of the difference between 100 million beyond that. HP estimates of the value from the previous difference is large, but Lenovo and Dell about the past 2 years for the first time in 100 million of the difference was.

The 5-position of the Acer Gartner is 401 million(+23.6%), IDC 483 million(+12.7%), the estimate of the difference in condensation time. Gartner Top 6 vendors individually aggregate, and 6-position of ASUS also 359 million(+21.4%)and growth on the other hand, 6-position below a total of 983 million(-22.4%)reduced. In contrast, IDC estimates of the value in the top 5 vendors, as well as No. 5 below(a total of 1,434 million,+6.8%)year-on-year increase compared to the same quarter is increasing.

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