2000cc engine loaded on 1500cc skyline to win race | Prince Skyline 2000 GT-AII Vol.1

The Prince Skyline GT entered the GT-II race of the 2nd Japan Grand Prix at the Suzuka Circuit in May 1964.

There was no letter "2000" to indicate the displacement, but a simple name and model S54A-Ⅰ were given.

The Skyline GT, which was developed with pride in order to fulfill the humiliation that was defeated at the first Japanese Grand Prix, is equipped with a G7 engine of a 6-cylinder SOHC for Gloria based on the body of the Skyline 1500.

In the race, after the Porsche 904 GTS, he achieved a prize of 2nd to 6th place and got a great response.

The S54A originally produced 100 units by forcing it to acquire homologues in time for the second Japan Grand Prix.

Due to its popularity after the race, it sold out quickly and was re-produced.

At that time, a mild version equipped with one Weber twin choke was sold as S54A-Ⅱ, and a lacey version equipped with three Weber as S54B-Ⅱ.

Due to the difference between the blue and red emblems on each side, S54A is now called the blue badge and S54B is called the red badge.

Although the output was inferior to the racy S54B, the S54A was equipped with a heater as standard.

The cab adjustment was easy, so it was easy to handle and a highly practical car.

Fender mirrors are diverted parts from 1500.

A license plate placed in a box-shaped place unlike the original Skyline 1500. The access lamp that illuminates the number is round.

Steering changed to RS Watanabe. The horn button has a Prince emblem.

4-speed manual transmission shift knob. A racing pattern where reverse is at the top and 1st gear is in front.

Published: Nostalgic Hero, December 2011, Vol.148 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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