200km / h wall surpassed by Fairlady 2000 in 1967. First soarer that once exceeded the forbidden wall after exhaust gas regulations 1

With Fairlady 2000, born in 1967, domestic cars crossed the 200km / h barrier. But to cross the wall with this small open car, it needed a very long straight and bravery … And the 70s that came. Exhaust gas regulations will stop high performance machines from taking root. It comes back in the 80s. Yes, until the first Soarer was born, there were no machines that crossed the forbidden wall.

TVCM was impressive again. The catch phrase “To the unexperienced zone” was flown, and the impact on the world was so great that even those who seemed not even interested in cars were called “Soar Soara”.

In the center of the grill, the emblem of Griffon [a legendary creature that pulls the car of a god with the upper body of the frog and the lower body of the lion] shines.

Above 2.8GT is limited. Equipment such as genuine leather interior and Pirelli tire are different, and the performance is the same.

A flexible form born out of a design theme that does not require consideration of the comfortability of the rear seats, which was not possible with conventional luxury cars. The body color was also an era when the pearl system increased.

Hachimaru Hero 2009 May vol.11 [All information in this article is current at the time of publication]
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