2020 Break Inevitable Idol Tsubasa Hazuki “ Bold, but bold, love reading is 18 manga ''

Now, there are idols who have a hot gaze from the gravure world. Hazuki Tsubasa, 21 years old. Born in Aomori, she looks royal and innocent. The DVD to be released has recorded favorable sales throughout the company, and in August this year, it appeared on "God Tan" [TV Tokyo] as "Gradle that cuts into the leading role of the third boom". "I'm buying erotic comics with 18 bans," he said. He came out and didn't fit his simple looks, and read the topic. He was awarded the Excellence Award at the Gravure of the Year 2019, announced this month.

With her innocent looks, terrible gravure, and intense character, her triple beat, she is expected to have a full-fledged break in 2020. She talked about her debut and the story of her favorite adult manga. [The first in a two-part series][ThegravurecutofTsubasaHazukiHereFrom]

* * *

──Mr. Hazuki appeared on the project “God Tan” broadcast last August “Do you know this gravure idol !? 2019” and came out to say “I'm buying 18 manga erotic manga” , But how was the effect after the broadcast?

Hazuki: The number of followers has increased by 14,000 at a stretch. Well, thank you. Why would you follow me?

ま し た Did you expect the response to that?

Hazuki: That's all. In the recording, "I originally worked at Tsubame [grill]" and so on, so the staff told me that it may not be used on air, but it was used.

What made you start your gravure activities in the first place?

Hazuki: I was scouted at a game center in Shinjuku. I often went to the end of work. When I was scouting, the fishnet tights, shorts, cat ear hoodie, and cat ear headphones with lights were weird. I'm scared of myself now. Probably the appearance was outstanding. I was worried that I would be skipped by AV until I took the image DVD [laughs].

で す か Did you quit your previous job when you started performing?

Hazuki: Actually, there was a time when I was doing this job. The first DVD, "Pure Smile," was sold and fell into the company. So I quit. I originally thought that I would quit the Tsubame Grill after one year.

── Did you decide to quit because you wanted to do it with just one gravure?

Hazuki: Yes, but I thought it wasn't for me. Gravure will release a first DVD and hope that it will be shown to children when they get married and have children. I thought it would be nice to say, "Mom, I was doing this," but since it sold unexpectedly, I only left my life once, and I left a thing [first DVD] that can be displayed in the graveyard. Trying.

で す か Did you even think about your death [laughs]?

Hazuki: I can't shoot myself until now. That's why I left my regular employees and sent them back to my parents' house. Until March of this year, I was working on gravure and working part-time, but I thought it was halfway. So he told the manager, "If I don't work in the gravure industry, I will quit this year. So please get a job." I work too hard to lose weight, get a good style, and share my hobbies.

──That's why I liked 18-kind system.

Hazuki: I originally liked the 18-kind system, but at first the manager told me, "Because it's a pure school, it can't be said on Twitter." At that time, I thought, "Okay," but when I consulted again, "Why do I have to do Twitter when I can't mutter what I like?" It's just Then God's job was decided.

っ て Did the producer of “God Tan” look at Mr. Hazuki's Twitter?

Paya Hazuki and Tsukasa Kobayashi [editor of Kodansha, Miss iD executive committee chairman and selection committee member] who appeared in "God Tan" seemed to know me. Please try it. " In the audition, I told him that he was good at dajare and loved erotic books, but he couldn't say dajare well, but he loved erotic books very much. Also, it seemed good to go all the way up.

──It's true that auditioning has an impact [* Even during this interview]. Did 18 prohibition tweets be accepted by the general public?

Hazuki If I muttered about my daily life, I thought there would be criticism at all, so I thought everyone was kind.

際 When you appeared on "God Ton", there were other senior gravure idols, but it was amazing that you showed your presence among them.

Hazuki: I was the youngest and had a short gravure career, so I didn't know what kind of genre would be featured until the day. When I saw the script, it was written, "I'm going to have a break this year," so I took a picture of the script and sent it to my parents.

Did your parents agree with doing gravure work?

Hazuki: When I left my regular employee, my mom was worried, "Is that really OK?"

で す か Do you send DVDs to your mother?

Hazuki As expected, I do not send DVDs, but I do send paper media.

母 Is your mother also checking Hazuki's Twitter?

Hazuki: It's okay because you can't modify the machine.

──But if you see "God Ton", you'll be crazy about erotic books.

Hazuki: I usually said on the phone, "I'm going to introduce an erotic book in" God Tan ", but isn't it worth it?" When I was at the nursery school, my uncle lived like a guy who was collecting erotic books, and he kept them between the sliding doors. There was a favorite among them, and it was a separate volume of "COMIC Penguin Club", but if I hid it in the corner of the chest, my mother got angry with it. I hid only one erotic side of the newspaper under the carpet one by one, but sometimes it disappeared.

Have you ever lived in gravure activities for ──18 lovers?

Hazuki: It's posing. Originally the body is soft, so I reproduce the manga.

で す か Is your body soft for a long time?

Hazuki: That's right. I think that there was the influence of doing karate from small 1 to small 4 and the motor nerve was good for a long time. I always took first place in sprints, and I didn't do club activities, but I won sprint and long-distance medals in school competitions in elementary school. If it was a basketball, three points could be decided, and physical education was relatively excellent.

ど ん な What kind of part-time job did you leave after leaving the Tsubame Grill?

Hazuki: I decided to work for an IT company, receive a training gym, and then work for Weekly Pre [“Weekly Playboy”]. I quit the gym thinking that it would be a hindrance to go to Godtan. Now I am also working on a DVD script and design work. This is freely done by individuals regardless of the office.

で す ね You are doing a wide range of activities.

Hazuki: I have a new goal. I used to show illustrations at an event called “Comicare” before, but the audience of gravure and illustrations is different. So, I want to train more and make original doujin and draw manga. Also, there is hope that I would like to do a voice actor for work other than gravure.

で す か Do you read ordinary manga?

Hazuki: I read, but I personally like to have a little erotic. Recently, I haven't read much ordinary systems, I just read sensual novels. I especially like the Eternity paperback.

──You often tweet on Twitter that you like "COMIC Pleasure".

I like Hazuki @ Crocodile [Magazine] 's erotic comics. I'm watching a cute girl while saying "Cute!"

は Are you interested in live girls?

Hazuki: Not really. I'm not interested in boys either. In junior high school, one third of the class was rot girls, but I wasn't interested at all. At that time, the storm was super boom, and there was no one girl to talk to, so I was talking with otaku boy groups. Thinking back now, I wonder what my school days were.

え て I ’m asking you, what ’s your favorite type of man?

Hazuki: I'm Ryunosuke Kamiki from my school days. I love the look. I don't know what a good-looking guy is. Maybe you like neutral cute faces.

[Part 2 of 7:30 am on Saturday, 18th <Deeper 18 manga talks>]

▽ Hazuki Tsubasa
Born June 16, 1998, from Aomori Prefecture. The 1st DVD released in 2017 was a hit, with the first place in the DMM monthly ranking. In August of last year, she appeared in "God Tan" [TV Tokyo] as "Gradle that cuts into the leading role of the third boom" and became a hot topic. Twitter:@Usamimi_World

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