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2020 “ What are the most popular lessons for women? ''

If you notice, Reiwa is also the second year. In the new year, there are many people who want to start something new? This time, we conducted a questionnaire on learning about 300 women from My Navi members in their 20s and 50s! I asked what they were, and what their costs and frequency were.

  • 2020 `` What are the most popular lessons for women? ''

    2020 “ What are the most popular lessons for women? ''

The popularity of training lessons is still alive

First of all, 65% of the respondents answered "Yes" to the question "Do you currently learn anything?" When asked "No" to those who answered "No", more than half of the 53% answered "Yes". It seems everyone is active.

  • More than half want to start learning

When asked what kind of lessons they are doing, about 60% of them are training and healthcare related, such as gyms and yoga. The result was about 30% for home-use items such as cooking classes and language-related items such as English conversation. Is it such a popular secret that you can go to the timing you like and adjust your body condition?

When you ask a person who wants to start learning, "What kind of learning do you want to start?", Training systems such as gyms and yoga are also the most popular. The second most popular answer was "related to qualifications and work," and many would like to use their time and money to improve their career.

  • Health and career lessons are popular

How did you start learning?

When asked why I wanted to start learning, let's start, the most common was "for diet and health maintenance", which was about 40% of the total. After all, it seems that many people are concerned about maintaining health and body shape.

Other than that, there are about 25% of the reasons, such as "I want to start something new" and "I want a hobby", and it seems that many people start learning in search of "something that makes life more colorful."

Some respondents said, "To make friends and lovers." There are not a few people who start looking for two birds with one stone while enjoying a lesson.

How much time and money do you spend?

Even if you want to start learning, what you care about is the cost and frequency of it. I think many women are particularly worried that they are busy working and raising children, and are they able to balance learning for the first time? What is the reality of those who are learning?

  • Most of the lessons are "2 or 3 times a month"

  • The cost of learning is about 60,000 yen per month

Looking at the results of the questionnaire, the frequency was "once a week" or "two or three times a month", indicating that many people went at a reasonable pace. Less than 10% of respondents say twice a week or more, so the frequency of getting to work and raising children well while balancing them may be about once a week or two or three times a month.

As for the cost, "about 10,000 yen per month" and "less than 10,000 yen per month", many people seem to be relatively comfortable with their wallet. I feel like I can start learning.

"No regrets" for those who start learning

A lesson that starts with a lot of time and money. Still, I'm sorry if it doesn't last or isn't fun. But please be assured. When asked, "Would you like to start learning?" 97% of respondents answered "Yes." Most people seemed to be glad they started learning.

  • "Good to start learning" is "almost 100%"

I would like to introduce some of the impressions of people who are happy to start learning.

"I've released stress and my physical and mental well-being" (39-year-old woman)
"I can now make bread." (43-year-old woman)
"I was able to use my unused time effectively" (29-year-old woman)
"Making friends through learning" (45-year-old woman)
“ I was able to lose weight and became more positive. '' (32-year-old woman)
“ I have a friend who can talk about common hobbies '' (35-year-old woman)
"I'm getting stronger and I can do more" (44-year-old woman)
"I learned how to cook and made it for someone, not just for me." (36-year-old woman)

It's easy to imagine "I've gained strength" and "The friendship has expanded," but it's surprising that "My personality has become positive." When you become healthy or you can do something, it works on the inside. Also, it is not easy to make new friends when you are an adult, so it can be said that learning is effective in expanding new hobbies and friendships.

Find a new self

Above, we have compiled a questionnaire about the lessons learned from women in their 20s and 40s. Many people may feel that it is easier to start than expected.

In this time when not only the body but also the mind tend to be neglected, why not start something new and enjoy the new encounter with yourself? You may be able to meet something unexpected and wonderful.

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