21 November Markets 2. 8%cheap significantly in the EU, leisure-related selling to continue

*18:00JST to 21 markets 2. 8%cheap significantly in the EU, leisure-related selling to continue
21 days of the Hong Kong market significantly drops in value. The major 50 stocks consisting of the Hang Seng Index yesterday compared with 810. 58 points[2.81%]cheap 27985. 33 points,mainland companies shares that consists of mainland China share index [formerly the H-share index]is 361. 36 points[3.19%]cheap 10970. 13 points and the losses were. The sales price is 1328 billion 4000 Hong Kong dollars on expanding [20 days 1115 billion 9900 million Hong Kong dollars].

新型肺炎 spread of infection to remain vigilant. Wuhan occurred in the new corona virus pneumonia throughout China, spread to several of those infected died. By the authorities for genetic testing in”human-to-human transmission”is confirmed, the number of healthcare workers affected[or not]and also tell them. Later this week begins with Spring Festival [Chinese New Year]is Citizens big move, only to further infection increase also dangerous right for. In 2003, SARS[thirds,Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome]no 延時, the economic activity slowed, stocks and real estate large value under the circumstances. Also, the US ratings giant Moody’s services by the 20th of the Hong Kong debt rating lower than Hong Kong stocks, as well as with the negative material. “Anti-government demonstrations against the government response is lacking”and pointed.

The Hang Seng Index constituent stocks is negative. Private automobile manufacturer Geely Automobile HD[175/HK] 5. 3% cheap,in the life insurance business, China’s largest China Life Insurance [China Life: 2628/HK] 5. 0%, cheap, pig meat production in the world’s top 万洲 international[WH Group:288/HK] 4. 9%cheap and value under rate the top lined up. China Life Insurance such as life insurance is concerned,”新型肺炎 accompanying claims payment increase”and observations are also flowing.

Sector in travel and leisure-related is cheap. The sky luck of China Eastern Airlines[670/HK] 6. 7%, China Southern Airlines[1055/HK] 6. 5%, Air China[753/HK] 5. 9%, Guotai aviation[Cathay Pacific Airways:293/HK] 4. 1%, the travel booking site the same as the art Dragon HD[Online・Line・Holdings: 780/HK] 7. 2%, hotels of the Shanghai Jin Jiang International Hotel Group [2006/HK] 5. 9%, the casino of Galaxy Entertainment Group [Galaxy Entertainment: 27/HK] 3. 6%,Jinsha China [Sands China:1928/HK] 3. 2%one fell.

Hong Kong’s consumption sector is also not even. I. T [999/HK] 5. 1%, cheap,Lufthansa Shopping Centre International HD[Universal・International・Holdings: 178/HK] 4. 9%cheap,利福 International Group[1212/HK] 3. 8%, cheap,Chow Tai Fook Zhuhai treasure [1929/HK] 3. 4% lower.

China real estate sector also sold. Museum of Natural History real estate-production [HD 813/HK] 5. 2%Cheap,financial discovery China HD [1918/HK] 4. 8%cheap,contact Jing 泰富 group HD[1813/HK] 4. 7%cheap,huarun landmark Department store[1109/HK] 4. 6%cheap,Midori kaywon school HD[2007/HK] 4. 1% cheap,Guangzhou R & F land estate [2777/HK] 3. 9%cheap with the value lowered.

On the other hand, the mainland market is 3 days a row. Key indicators of the Shanghai Composite Index on the previous day compared 1. 41%cheap of 3052. 14 points in the loss. Travel and leisure-related stocks indices. Insurance stocks,consumer goods stocks, auto stocks,materials stocks, real estate stocks, transportation stocks, financial stocks,tech stocks corner to sell them. On the other hand, pharmaceutical stocks ransacked continues.

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