22 days of the NY market.

[NYDow・NasDaq・CME [table]]

NYDOW;24465.16;-8.96 Nasdaq;9324.59;+39. 71CME225;20550;+190 [OSE ratio].

[NY market data]

22 days of the NY market.. The Dow average is 8. 96 dollar of 24465. 16 dollars, the NASDAQ 39. 71 points higher 9324. 59 points in trading ended. The Chinese government in Hong Kong National Security Law applying to consultations and reports received,the US-China confrontation intensified concerns from the fallen come with. Then, the U.S. government’s antivirus special Commission rate to check the Director of viral vaccine development in the optimistic view, the only cause to lower the width to shrink. Sector, real estate is a big rose on the other hand,banks and energy decline. Chicago Nikkei 225 futures liquidation value is Osaka than 190 of the yen’s appreciation 20550 circle. The ADR market, Toyota<7203>, Fanuc<6954>Sony<6758>Nintendo<7974>In the<9983>Like most rising on the other hand, Softbank G<9984>NTT<9432>, Mizuho FG<8411>FujiFilm<4901>As part of the fall of, and flows to East the testimony compared[to $ 1 107. 64 yen conversion] and stability just. 《YN》

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