220,000 people for live distribution of E-girls Nico Nico Collaboration

E-girls, who will be breaking up this year, has live-streamed a live audience event in collaboration with the video service "niconico" on the 26th.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, five “Last Tour” performances were canceled and postponed. On this day's distribution, a “binaural microphone” was set up on the stage, and members performed “whispering” on the chest kyunword. He performed eleven songs including “Follow Me”, a representative song, and “Betsukai”, the latest song.

In the venue, two 220-inch screens were set up, and live performances were also held with comments from viewers. Vocal singer Takena Yuna [21] says, "I'm a little lonely [the audience is a bit lonely], but I can see the comments from everyone, so I feel connected." Natsui Fujii [23] said with a smile, "Comments will be cheering."

More than 220,000 viewers watched that day.

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