26 days markets 0. 7%cheaper for 3 days to anti-global session alert

*18:00JST 26 days markets 0. 7%cheaper for 3 days to anti-global session alert
26th Hong Kong market decliners. The major 50 stocks consisting of the Hang Seng Index yesterday compared with 174. 85 points[0.74%]cheap 23352. 34 points,mainland companies shares that consists of mainland China share index [formerly the H-share index]is 81. 93 points[0.86%]cheap 9447. 56 points and the 3 day in a row was. The sales price is 1217 billion 7900 Hong Kong dollars and which have[25 days 1511 billion 6200 Hong Kong dollars].

Global session[recession]of the years may flow. China other countries and regions, the new corona virus spread to a halt from the border closure and movement restrictions are being strengthened. U.S. Johns Hopkins the size of the aggregate, according to the 25th at 3 PM[U.S. Eastern time], at the corona infected by the world, the death toll is 2 million 550 people. 20 days to the 1 million mark on from,in only 5 days doubled for calculation. The World Trade Organization [WTO] Director General of 25 October,the new Corona by the economic downturn of 2008 during the financial crisis[the Lehman shock]outweigh the fear and the views of said. However, traders took profits hit the like sell them. Index plus area to remain at the scene has come to. Application session that corresponds to each country’s economic policy is the market propped up the US. British media on the 25th,”people’s Bank of China[Central Bank] for this within a few days,deposits the benchmark interest rate lowering announcement may be”and, according to the Daily. In the United States, economic policy costs 2 trillion [about US $ 220 trillion yen]in the scale on the new corona virus bill the Senate passed.

The Hang Seng Index constituent stocks, the Chinese government investment company of China CITIC[CITIC Limited:267/HK] 5. 7%, cheap, China government developer huarun landmark Department store[1109/HK] 5. 0%, cheap,power tool manufacturer leading the creation of the Department of industry [the project down:669/HK] 3. 4%, cheap, paper-made sanitary products, the largest of Hengan International Group[1044/HK] 2. 8%cheaper and lower stood out.

Sector in China’s automobile are cheaper. Great Wall Motor[2333/HK] 4. 3%, Dongfeng Motor Group[489/HK] 3. 2%, Geely Automobile HD[175/HK] 2. 3%, Guangzhou Automobile Group [2238/HK] 1. 5% should the value lowered.

Production, chemical or drilling, such as oil-related sector is also not even. China Petroleum Natural Qi [PetroChina:857/HK] 2. 3% cheap, Sinopec[side note: the 386/HK] 1. 1%, cheap,China National Offshore Oil[CNOOC:883/HK] 0. 9%cheap,Mediterranean oilfield services[2883/HK] 5. 5% cheap and fell.

On the other hand, the Chinese power generation sector is. Huadian Power International[1071/HK] 2. 9% higher,Huaneng Power International[902/HK] 2. 6%high,huarun power [HD 836/HK] 1. 5% higher, Datang International power generation[991/HK] 1. 0%high and Rose. Huadian Power International’s full year results Profit 2. 3 times expanding the entire industry, earnings growth has been reminded that. In addition, nuclear power plant operation in China’s largest China General Nuclear Power [CGN Power:1816/HK] 1. 8%high. The company’s financial results income is secured, and the dividend of the previous year from increase to.

But also performance trends as a clue ransacked them. Day to published results in the increase was the brand name in the group,fertilizer sales in China, the largest among the reduction reduction obese HD[the front:297/HK] 6. 1% high, the real estate developer leading Guangzhou R & F land estate [2777/HK] 5. 2%higher and bought.

On the other hand, the mainland market is 3 days a row. Key indicators of the Shanghai Composite Index on the previous day compared with 0. 60%cheap of the 2764. 91 points in the loss. Tech stocks are cheap. Infrastructure-related stocks,resources and materials stocks, real estate stocks, a corner of the most sold. On the other hand, banking stocks are high. Food and beverage stocks and pharmaceutical stocks also were bought.

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