26 songs including expressionless and lingering artillery / Nogizaka Taiwan Performance Setori

Nogizaka46 held a Taiwanese solo performance for two consecutive years at Taipei Arena on the 19th. He performed 26 songs and attracted about 10,000 spectators.

The live set list is as follows.

1, do not need to strengthen until dawn

2, how many blue skies?

3, sun knock

4, Summer barefoot

5, my assumption

6, Do you know me?

7, Synchronicity

8, expressionless

9, Word spirit cannon

10, impatient snail

11, Threefold choice

12, there is no point in ~ Do my best ~

13, why you are here

14, Valletta

15, unrequited love if noticed

16, your name is hope

17, influencer

18, life is beautiful

19, common love

20, uniform mannequin

21, Girls rule

22, let's go with Jikochu!

23, Sing Out!

EN1, the start of romance

EN2, Danke Schoen

EN3, poetry of Nogizaka

* EN is encore

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