27 November the US market digest:Dow 453 dollar,corona virus, concerns continue

*08:13JST 27 days of the US market digest:Dow 453 dollar,corona virus, concerns continue
■NY stocks: Dow 453 dollar,corona virus, concerns continue

U.S. stock markets decline. The Dow average is 453. 93 dollar of 28535. 80, the NASDAQ is 175. 60 points cheaper of 9139. 31 trade to the end. Corona virus by 新型肺炎 infection of the expanding global economic slowdown concerns intensify, the great decline began. European stock prices also negative and investor sentiment is deteriorating, and all-day soft and was. Sector is food and daily necessities retail except for the negative and, especially in the semiconductor and semiconductor equipment and technology hardware and equipment, the decline stood out.

Corona virus by travel and tourism demand the retreat of concern,American Airlines(AAL)and United Airlines(UAL), such as airline companies fell. Casino・hotel operations of Wynn Resorts(WYNN),travel booking site book The King・Holdings(BKNG)are also weak transitions. On the other hand, non-ferrous metal items collection(ARNC)financial results were strong and steady sales. Vaccine development expectations from the Nova back(NVAX), and the file has been reviewed(INO), such as drug development companies rise stood out.

Crude oil prices Christmas yet that is the situation in addition to corona virus infection by increasing the demand for retraction to predict the perspective is strong, and about 3 months of low.

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■New York exchange:

27 September, New York in the Forex market USD・JPY 108 JPY 85 per share will decline after the 109 yen 10 sen or repulsion from the upper limit heavy, and closed. The United States 12 month lows below, and 新型肺炎 of infection by the expansion of the global economy the Outlook was worse for US bond yields to the decrease of dollar selling and risk-averse yen buying prevailed and became.

The Euro・dollar,1. 1032 from $ 1. 1010 dollar decline will continue for. Germany 1 August IFO enterprise business climate index of the weak results in addition to bar new EU chief negotiators are to leave the UK and of trade friction and warn of potential such as to further the growth of the risk alert Euro selling accelerated. The Euro・yen is 120 yen 29 sen from 119 yen 91 sen or decline. Pound・dollar,1. 3076 from $ 1. 3040 dollar fell. The UK Central Bank to cut rates of potential and energy the EU chief negotiator in the UK and of trade friction and warn of potential for growth in the pessimistic Outlook spread pound selling accelerated. Dollar・Swiss is 0.9682 franc fall after 0.9707 French rose.

■NY crude oil: prices gain in 53. 14 dollars, demand slowdown concerns rise,新型肺炎 spread of infection in the global economic Outlook worsening

New York crude oil futures 3 month long anti(NYMEX crude oil 3 month long closing price:53.14↓1.05). New York Mercantile Exchange(NYMEX)WTI futures 3 months as long as the previous day ratio of−1. 05 of $ 53. 14 dollars in regular trading ended.

Demand slowdown concerns rise. 新型肺炎 spread of infection in the global economic Outlook is worsening. Beijing is also 1 of the name of the Dead is for and reported. The U.S. Department of state and the advice of China to travel to re-examine the recommendations, such as the situation out of control for no.

■Major US company’s closing price

Brand name name⇒close⇒the day before the ratio (percentage change)

Bank of America(BAC) 32.85 USD -0.69 dollars (-2.06%)
Morgan Stanley(MS) 53.11 USD -1.44 dollars (-2.64%)
Goldman Sachs(GS) 238.14 USD -3.78 dollars (-1.56%)
Intel (INTC) 65.69 USD -2.78 dollars (-4.06%)
Apple(AAPL) 308.95 USD -9.36 dollars (-2.94%)
Alphabet (GOOG) 1433.90 dollars -32.81 dollars (-2.24%)
Facebook (FB) 214.87 USD -3.07 dollars (-1.41%)
Caterpillar (CAT) 135.73 USD -4.65 dollars (-3.31%)
Alcoa(AA) 14.87 USD -0.64 dollars (-4.13%)
Wal-Mart (WMT) 115.86 USD +1.49 USD (+1.30%)
Sprint(S) 4.63 USD -0.20 dollars (-4.14%)《SF》

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