28 consecutive increase continued Yao of why

6 on 24 October of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun electronic version,”the continuous increase super”Yao collection”turn of the 28 period an article entitled”The delivery was. “The Heisei recession, the Lehman shock,the Great East Japan earthquake,the new corona virus spread―. These Japan’s economy to overcome the crisis of continuous (note:final), an increase undergone in the group of companies there is. 3 months ended financial results of listed companies target rankings created, where Saitama is the ground of the food super, Yao code could turn was the. 2020 Years, 3 months and 28 through the period increase in profit is uninterrupted”writing of Article I,”Or”and from the knee to the tapping.

【Here】Equity investment is different from gambling as is not (2)

I University of Finance and Economics in the newspaper marketing field for 18 years 11 mid – “stock investment is gambling not”in the TV series. “Medium-to long-term attitude of the blue-chip stocks investment,shares in asset formation to the top of the Royal Road”, the specific examples described. The 2nd protagonist of the companies Yao code was. At this time,”the company’s strength is the scene of part to employees of the hospitality・friendliness”and then the following points are stressed.

★Part-time employees to hourly rate・working hours from easily can be calculated bonus (summer・winter) can be provided. The initial planned net increase is fulfilled at the end of the year, allowances may be granted.

★At the scene of the senior class, part-time employees from the elected.

★Part-time employees if the Union can join. Status of the guarantee/security is being created.

This Nikkei online is a unique delicatessen knitted out of the custom division on”18 years and 3 months in the deli counter・fresh center to expand, such as stores work to reduce infrastructure and improve productivity for. The company’s growth, reflecting an aging population,labor shortages,the population of the cities concentrate and the social structure of anticipation of Change, respectively 個食 correspondence・foreign adoption・the urban store development and tireless of Kaizen is seen”as that.

Humble abode from the Matsui store, walk for about 3 minutes. Nikkei electronic version of that you can feel. At the same time once again, confident.

Before the 3 month period of the Yao code is”5.8% year on year,11.1%of sales an increase of 5.6%in the final income”for this fiscal year, the plan is”2.7%of sales, 1.6%of sales, an increase of 1.9%of final earnings”and flashy it is not. Same-store sales last year 6 from January this year 5 month 1 years found that”compared with the same 106. 13% increase”. Steady profits to build up the framework is in place,some continue past that.

If I”equity investment is different from gambling as such is not”-(2)in Yao code written the day of the opening buying in today until 1 and a half years 余保 have, and the source of funds is the stock price gainers, only 16%increasing. Times taking into consideration the magnificent performance and such.

Investors to benefit these companies, it’s just a factor of you. (Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at)

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