28 days of the NY market is falling

(NYDow・NasDaq・CME (table))

NYDOW;26379.28;-205.49 Nasdaq;10402.09;-134. 17CME225;22515;-95(OSE ratio).

(NY market data)

28 days of the NY market is falling. The Dow average is 205. 49 dollar of 26379. 28 dollars, the NASDAQ 134. 17 points cheap 10402. 09 points, trading in the end. Republican Senate additional fiscal measures, published a draft of the Democratic Party with a proposal from, and negotiations are protracted and concerns intensified, and 7 on the Consumer Confidence Index below expectations, the economic recovery is stagnant there is also concern that the strong decline in stop with. Then, the Federal Reserve (FED) has an emergency loan program to 9 end of the month from 12 until the end of the month should be extended to announce and a temporary lowered to reduce the width, but the economic concerns are dispelled, can only cause is again the rate of decline expanded. Sector, the materials and Energy fell, on the other hand, Real Estate, Public Utilities will rise. Chicago Nikkei 225 futures liquidation value is Osaka ratio 95 depreciation of 22515 yen. ADRS of Japanese stocks Toyota<7203>Softbank G<9984>, Fanuc<6954>Sony<6758>Nintendo<7974>Canon<7751>Shiseido<4911>, Eisai<4523>Such as,flows to East the testimony of the comparison ($1 per 105. 12 yen equivalent) in General weak. 《FA》

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