28 days of the NY market is falling

[NYDow・NasDaq・CME [table]]

NYDOW;25409.36;-357.28 Nasdaq;8567.37;+0. 89CME225;21015;-65[OSE ratio].

[NY market data]

28 days of the NY market is falling. The Dow average is 357. 28 dollar of 25409. 36, the NASDAQ is 0. 89 points higher 8567. 37 trading in the end. New Zealand and Nigeria in the new corona virus of an infected person is discovered,the seller is ahead. The investor’s risk preference attitude is a big retreat from safe assets as US Treasury bonds to favor a move from government bonds yields are dramatically reduced, and financial stocks, mainly on weak sales and was. However, when rapidly buy back the movement spread, the NASDAQ rose. Sector, the semiconductor and semiconductor manufacturing equipment and the energy to rise, while utilities and insurance fell. Chicago Nikkei 225 futures liquidation value is Osaka the ratio 65 of the depreciation of the yen 21015 yen. Toyota<7203>Softbank G<9984>, Eisai<4523>TDK<6762>, Fanuc<6954>Nintendo<7974>, Honda<7267>Canon<7751>FujiFilm<4901>Such as,flows to East the testimony compared[to $ 1 107. 89 yen equivalent] in General not even. 《SK》

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