3 days of the US market digest:Dow 143 dollar,U.S. manufacturing signs of improvement

*07:55JST 3 days of the US market digest:Dow 143 dollar,U.S. manufacturing signs of improvement
■NY stocks: Dow 143 dollar,U.S. manufacturing signs of improvement

The US stock markets to rise. The Dow average is 143. 78 dollar of 28399. 81, the NASDAQ is 122. 47 points of high 9273. 40 trading in the end. The previous week the decline in the share price received a buy-back is ahead. 1 month ISM manufacturing milestone with more than 50 recovered the good feeling and the people’s Bank of China is the market to 1730 billion dollars to supply this new coronavirus by economic slowdown concerns ease throughout the day, a steady transition was. Sector, the materials and media will rise. on the other hand,telecommunications services and energy is weak.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers of the(at GILD), China is the new corona virus drug development in clinical trials of the company’s drug use that is reported to rise. Sports equipment Nike(NKE), with some analysts making investment decisions and raising only strong trends. Chinese search giant Baidu(BIDU), with earnings forecast raised the rise. Electric vehicles of Tesla(TSLA)is the analyst’s target price raised to receive a substantial rise. On the other hand,oil giant Exxon Mobil(XOM), and Goldman Sachs to sell received fell.

The search giant’s Alphabet(GOOGL)is the market after 10-12 months ended earnings of shares earnings expectations on the back of those sales, the downside was. Hours trading in a falling trend.

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■Forex strong including,1 March ISM manufacturing is 50 reconstruction and restoration

3 days of New York in the Forex market USD・JPY 108 JPY 48 per share from 108 yen to 80 yen per share rising to 108 yen 68 sen closed. This day was Published 1 September US ISM manufacturing activity expanded to 50 of reconstruction and recovery,the Chinese authorities announced 新型肺炎 the spread of infection and economic impact of the blocking was aimed to be a stimulus to the good, the risk appetite approach and buy USD・sell JPY and dominant was.

The Euro・dollar,1. 1067 from $ 1. 1036 dollar also fell, pushing, and 1.1061 dollars in closed. The Euro・yen is at 119 yen 92 sen in the fall, after the 120 yen 27 sen was returned to. Pound・dollar,1. 3065 from $ 1. 2983 dollar fell. The UK and the European Union (EU)trade around the issue that the talks broke down and from the risk aversion of the company spread. Dollar・Swiss is 0. 9639 francs from 0. 9671 French rose.

■NY crude oil: significant losses is 50. 11 dollars, the temporary 50 dollars below

New York crude oil futures 3 months as substantial losses(NYMEX crude oil 3 month long closing price:50.11 ↓1.45). New York Mercantile Exchange(NYMEX)WTI futures 3 months as long as the day, the ratio of-1. 45 dollars for 1 barrel=50.11 dollars in regular trading ended. After-hours trading, including the trading range is 49. 91 dollar−51.97 USD. Regular trading after the start of 2019 Year 1 month 9 days since 49. 91 the dollar fell. Notably conscious of moderating, but the new coronavirus infection of expansion in crude oil demand is being reduced from,the supply and demand which leads to improvement in materials is less, crude oil futures for the U. S military Heavy was still.

■Major US company’s closing price

Brand name name⇒close⇒the day before the ratio (percentage change)

Bank of America(BAC) 32.97 USD +0.14 dollar (+0.43%)
Morgan Stanley(MS) 52.60 USD +0.34 dollars (+0.65%)
Goldman Sachs(GS) 239.01 USD +1.26 USD (+0.53%)
Intel (INTC) 64.42 USD +0.49 USD (+0.77%)
Apple(AAPL) 308.66 dollars -0.85 dollars (-0.27%)
Alphabet (GOOG) 1485.94 dollars +51.71 USD (+3.61%)
Facebook (FB) 204.19 USD +2.28 USD (+1.13%)
Caterpillar (CAT) 129.77 USD -1.58 dollars (-1.20%)
Alcoa(AA) 14.24 USD +0.29 USD (+2.08%)
Wal-Mart (WMT) 114.27 USD -0.22 dollars (-0.19%)
Sprint(S) 4.28 USD -0.09 dollars (-2.06%)《SF》

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