3 o'clock heroine advances to the winning game / THE W

The final of the Japanese entertainer “THE W” final was held in Tokyo on the 9th. The comedy trio formed in January 2017, the heroine at 3 o'clock, won the A block and decided to advance to the championship decision game.

From 627 entries, 10 sets that advanced to the finals were divided into 5 blocks, A and B blocks. The winners were each voted by the audience vote and 7 votes of 6 judges.

A block first pin entertainer, Soko [38], broke the second combination, a bad sword, and won first. After that, the 3rd combo, 123 * 45 [Yoko Izumi], the 4th combo, and Harukara won. The 3 o'clock heroine, who appeared in the last 5th place, defeated Harukara in a 6-on-1 victory and decided to advance to the winning game.

As for the heroine at 3 o'clock, Maki Fukuda [31] played the Dora heroine in the morning, and Yumecchi [25] and Kanade [27] gathered laughter at the comte where he played a mean relative.

The jury's comedy, high-heeled apple [58] said, “Grabbing, spoilers and punches are the same [with Harukara]. The next time I wanted to see the heroine was at 3 o'clock. It was said that.

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