3 o'clock heroine breaks out and wins / THE W

The final of the Japanese entertainer “THE W” final was held in Tokyo on the 9th. The trio formed in January 2017 that won the A block in the final battle, the heroine at 3 o'clock, won the B block's combination formed in December 2012, Hanasho 6-1 and won.

From 627 entries, 10 sets that advanced to the finals were divided into 5 blocks, A and B blocks. The winners were each voted by the audience vote and 7 votes of 6 judges.

The A block is the first pin entertainer, and this [38] beats the second combination and the sneaky sword with 6-1 and won first. After that, the 3rd combination, 123 ☆ 45 [Yoko Izumi] won 6-1, the 4th combination, Harukara won 4-3. The 3 o'clock heroine, who appeared in the last 5th place, defeated Harukara in a 6-1 victory and decided to advance to the final battle.

B-block 2nd Hanasho showed off the bridegroom story and defeated the 1st combination, side dish club 5-2. After that, he defeated the Asagaya sisters, who won the prize last year, 4-3, the 9-person comedy idol, and the Tsubomi Revolution 4-3. Defeated Burano Ogino [33], who appeared in B block 5th, with a 7-0 seal, and decided to advance to the final battle.

◆ 3 o'clock heroine Yoshio Kogyo's affiliation Maki Fukuda [31] Kanade [27] Yumechi [25] trio. Three people from the NSC Yoshimoto training school were formed in January 2017. Fukuda, who makes the story, leads Yumichi with a huge face and a dark face. 18th M-1 Grand Prix third round, THE W semi-final. King of Conte 2019 quarterfinals.

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