3 players are corona positive in B league Osaka. Team total 8

Basketball Men's B League Division 1 [B1] Osaka Evessa announced on August 8 that three new players have been tested positive for the new coronavirus. A total of eight infections were confirmed within the team [seven players and one team official]. To protect the privacy of players and stakeholders, their names will not be disclosed.

One of the three newly tested positives participated in a dinner of five athletes and seven outsiders on March 24 in Osaka. A total of four athletes have been tested positive since the outbreak of one infection was detected on the 28th. The remaining one athlete plans to conduct a PCR test on April 8.

This time, all three newly tested positive players performed a PCR test on the 6th. The following day, a positive test was confirmed, and the patient was on standby until the hospitalization was decided.

Naoki Yasui said, “We are solemnly aware that the new coronavirus infectious disease is causing an uproar in the world with new infections coming out of Osaka Evesa every day. Currently, in Osaka Evesa, we are making adjustments to conduct PCR tests for all players, team members and staff under the guidance of the health center, but the health center also has capacity. The situation is beyond the city, and all of the patients have not been tested.Asymptomatic people are to wait at home and follow up, and take due consideration of privacy based on the test results and the progress of infected people, I want to tell you what I can tell you. "

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