3 players who miss B1 Shiga 相 談 Scheduled consultation at the beginning of the week

An American player from Shiga Lakestars, ranked third in the West, missed the game against Albarq Tokyo due to concerns over the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Henry Walker [32] of SF and PF, Jeff Ayers [32] of PF and Craig Brookins [32] of PF and C had an offer on the 13th the day before, and the team accepted on this morning.

On November 11, NBA athletes received a positive response to the new coronavirus and suspended the match from the 12th. The three players have been with the NBA and are thinking about their own infections and the risk of transferring them to others.

President Daisuke Nishimura explained at the match venue on this day.

"It seems that the NBA has had a big impact. The way of perceiving risk looks large or small depending on the position and situation. The risk perception increases when playing away from overseas families alone. I think it's important to understand each other. "

Ayers scored 24th in the team against Hokkaido on February 16 before the league was suspended by the new Coronavirus. Missing three players was a major drawback, but uniforms were displayed on the bench at the request of the site.

Missed a star in a battle held by spectators, and the streak stopped at 5. It has been decided that the three players will also miss the match against A Tokyo, which will be held at the same venue on the 15th, and President Nishimura said, "Members who are in good communication with their friends [from the usual day]. I'll do that. "

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