30-year-old birthday celebration with a cat cake to T. Swift

American singer Taylor Swift, who celebrated his 30th birthday on the 13th, was greatly celebrated with his favorite cat cake.

At the venue of the Christmas event “ Jingle Ball '' hosted by iHeartRadio in Madison Square Garden in New York, USA, which appeared on the day of birthday, a huge three-tiered photo of three cats designed for Swift Cakes were prepared and about 20,000 spectators sang birthday songs. Swift, who was surprised to celebrate his birthday, said to the moderator, “Eat all [cake],” and then smiled, then moved to a celebrity purveyor's restaurant to share his birthday with friends. Celebrated.

Actor Ryan Raynozzle and actress Blake Lively and models Gigi Hadid and other celebrity friends and sweetheart actor Joe Alwin also participated in a birthday party with a gorgeous birthday cake shaped with a cat and rose It seems to have been celebrated.

Swift, who posted a photo with the cake and the state of the party the next day on Instagram, said, “After spending my 30th birthday with the fans who made my wonderful life with jingle balls, “I think I ’m really lucky to have the strongest holiday party in women ’s history, and I ’ll be thinking about how to give back to everyone for the rest of my life.” [Los Angeles = Kanako Chitose]

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