31 days of the NY market is on the rise

(NYDow・NasDaq・CME (table))

NYDOW;28538.44;+76.30 Nasdaq;8972.60 in;+26. 61CME225;23425;-215(OSE ratio).

(NY market data)

31 days of the NY market is on the rise. The Dow average is 76. 30 dollar high of 28538. 44, the NASDAQ 26. 61 point high 8972. 60 in 2019, and the transaction ended. Drop slightly as a drop in with a Trump President US-China trade talks of the Phase 1 agreement about 1 month 15 days in the United States in a ceremony held to open expressed the desire that rose. Subsequently, the 12 month consumer confidence index is expected to fall below the upper limit suppresses’s deployment was pull on again off again. Sector in material and energy rises on the other hand,capital goods and food・necessities retail is weak. Chicago Nikkei 225 futures liquidation value is Osaka compared with 215 of the depreciation of the yen 23425 yen. ADRS of Japanese stocks Toyota<7203>, Fanuc<6954>Softbank G<9984>In the<9983>Nintendo<7974>, DENSO<6902>Shiseido<4911>Bridgestone<5108>, Eisai<4523>,SECOM<9735>TDK<672>OMRON<6645>Such as,flows to East the testimony compare (1 to $ 108. 6 yen equivalent) in General weak. 《FA》

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