31 years ago, today was the goal and start | Category B 100,000 km speed record Monument with average speed of 223.345 km / h | First Subaru Legacy

January 21, 31st year after 100,000 km speed goal

A monument with an average speed of 223.345km / h First Subaru Legacy II

On January 21, 1989, in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, the Legacy Sedan RS, before its debut, achieved a running average speed of 223.345 km / h in 100,000 km endurance running, and the FIA's international record of continuous running and world speed records [ At that time].

This is a speed record achieved in 19 days, including the time lost for refueling and maintenance.

Displayed at SUBARU FAN MEETING held at the Subaru Research and Experiment Center [Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture] on March 27, 2016 [Sun]

The run started on January 2, 1989.
It took 447 hours 44 minutes 09 seconds 877 to reach the goal on the 21st.
That was 19 days.

Its memorable goals were the legacy and the EJ20, a spectacular start to the long-standing Subaru model and engine.

SUBARU FAN MEETING showed the first run in 27 years

The challenge was Category B, a category of mass-produced vehicles or mass-produced prototype vehicles.
With a standing start measurement, the record was not broken for 16 years until the Mercedes-Benz E320 CD marked 225.903 km / h in 2005.

Participated in parade runs at SUBARU FAN MEETING

The SUBARU FAN MEETING was held at the Subaru Research and Experiment Center [Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture] on March 27, 2016 [Sunday].

Is it the start of a new era?

In the 30th year of 2019, the announcement of the end of production of the EJ20 engine was announced.
And yesterday, on January 20, 2020, a “SUBARU Technical Meeting” was held for the press and others.
Subaru announced that "in the early 2030s, all Subaru vehicles produced and sold will be equipped with electric technology."
SUBARU Technical Meeting EV Design Study Model

30 years since the Legacy record was achieved.
That last day.

It might have been a perfect day for manufacturers to announce their breath to the new generation.

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