4 Kingdoms / Japan Academy Awards

The 43rd Japan Academy Awards ceremony was held at a hotel in Tokyo on the 6th.

The highest prizes of each category announced on this day are as follows.

◆ Best Work Award "Newspaper reporter"

◆ Best Director Award Hideki Takeuchi “Shoden Saitama”

◆ Best Actor for Best Actor Tori Matsuzaka “Newspaper Reporter”

◆ Best Actress for Best Leader ◆ Shim Eung-kyung “Newspaper reporter”

◆ Best Supporting Actor Ryo Yoshizawa “Kingdom”

◆ Best Supporting Actress Award Masami Nagasawa “Kingdom”

◆ Best Foreign Art Award "Joker"

◆ Best Animation Award "Child of the Weather"

◆ Best Art Award ◆ Iwao Saito “Kingdom”

◆ Best Photography Award Taro Kawazu “Kingdom”

◆ Best Recording Award Yusumi Kuren “Honey Bee and Thunder”

◆ Best editorial award ◆ Shinji Kawamura “Shoden Saitama”

◆ Best Music Award RADWIMPS “Child of the Weather”

◆ Best Screenplay Award Yuichi Tokunaga “Shoden Saitama”

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